Retargeting With Facebook Ads

Let’s say you want to run an ad campaign on Facebook…

Ok, so far…

You budget $1,000 for the campaign knowing for that amount of money you’ll receive one thousand visitors.

Next, you run the campaign and send your one thousand visitors to your landing page where they can opt in to join your email list.

Now, let’s say you get a pretty good opt in rate of 35%; that’s 350 new subscribers to your list.

Good, right?

Not so fast…

While it is true that you added 350 new subscribers, 650 people left without opting in.

And, they left forever, never to be heard from again.😟

This means that of your $1,000 investment in ads, $650 went for nothing.

They visited your page, but left without opting in. 

Maybe they just weren’t interested in your offer. 

Or, maybe they were interested, but someone rang their doorbell or their baby started crying and they never took action.

Either way, they’re gone forever…


If you retarget them!

So, what is Facebook retargetng?

Retargeting is the process of showing your ads to people have have already seen your ad, but left without opting in. These people are either familiar with your brand, visited your website or your landing page or interacted with you on Facebook or Instagram.

Included in this list are the 650 people who saw your landing page and left. Now you can continue to market to them. ☺️

This means that you just regained the 650 folks who you might have never heard from again. It means you can promote your landing page or another landing page and potentially get a new sign up.

They were interested enough in your ad to click on it once and you still may be able to convert them now.

When you retarget you’re not just limited to sending one solicitation, you can market to them as often as you choose.

The other important thing about Facebook retargeting is when you create an audience of prospects to retarget, you can also have Facebook create a “look alike”audience for you.

Since Facebook has such a huge database of people, they can create a new audience that has similar characteristics to your original retargeting audience and you can now market to them, too.

You can retarget people who visited your opt in page and left, people who previously visited your website, people who are on your existing email list and people who have engaged with your Facebook page. 

According to eMarketer, nearly 60% 0f US buyers notice ads they’ve previously seen on websites!

In other words, you could potentially transform a list of 1,000 targeted prospects into a list of millions of equally targeted prospects at zero cost.

Additional icing on the cake is that retargeting ad costs on Facebook are a fraction of regular ad costs. 

And, by using retargeting you may be able to regain an additional 30%-40% of your original visitors plus any you get from look alike audiences you create.

How does Facebook retrgeting work?

Creating Facebook retargeting audiences is very simple and only requires a few clicks of your mouse.

In your Facebook ads manager you would obtain a Facebook pixel which is a simple piece of code, copy the code and paste it on any page where you want to create an audience.

Once you have set up your original retargeting audiences, you can then have Facebook create your look alike audiences. You’re now set to retarget all your prospects.

Useful strategies to employ in your Facebook retargeting campaigns

1.Test with high value audiences. These audiences are made up of people who have already bought from you in the past. 

They’re very valuable because they’ve already exhibited their willingness to reach for their credit cards and make a purchase. 

If they purchased before and they’re happy with their purchase, they are very easy to convert again and again. They will be receptive to any new promotions.

2. Share special offers. Everyone likes a bargain or a discount. You can bolster your relationships with your retargeting audiences by sharing special offers, referral rewards and discounts.

You can also create specials around specific days of the year like Valentines day, Mothers day, Memorial day or, even, your own birthday.

3. Test different offers. Don’t create ads for the same or similar offers. Find related offers that may be of interest to your prospects and test them with your retargeting audiences. 

When you find a winner, you can scale it up by offering bonuses and discounts to encourage purchases.

4. Retarget video ads on Facebook. Video is here to stay. Video consumption has enjoyed a meteoric rise and shows no signs of slowing down. Video ad spending has risen as well following this trend.

You should also retarget your Facebook video ads since retargeted ads have a historical high probability of 76% that they will be clicked.

Summary: Why you must retarget with Facebook

  • By using retargeting you can recoup 30%-40% of prospects who visited your page and left. 

  • Your retargeting ads are shown to people who have already seen your landing page, your Facebook page, your website or who are familiar with your brand.

  • Retargeting will lower the overall cost of acquisition of each new lead you acquire.

  • Retargeting works! Professional marketing agencies even set up separate budgets for their clients for retargeting purposes.

  • Facebook has a huge data base and a huge reach which allows you to create very large look alike audiences. Facebook currently has 2.2 billion active monthly users and over half of them log in every single day.

  • Facebook owns Instagram and you can combine both platforms to reach an even larger audience of prospects.

  • Facebook retargeting can create a huge surge in the quantity and quality of leads from any campaign.

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