Ministry Of Freedom

What is launch jacking?

Whenever a new product is launched, its creators promote the product to all their affiliates in order to crate a stir and buying frenzy among any potential prospect

The affiliates in turn will email all their list subscribers giving them details about the new product and all its launch details.

This is all done to create as much attention as possible about the new product in order to boost sales.

With all the attention now focused on this new product, it creates an opportunity for affiliates to gain some quick sales on the coattails of the product launch.

This is accomplished by producing content such as blog posts and videos reviewing the product. It’s a very simple method and successful affiliates have been able to reap millions in commissions through the use of launch jacking.

But, like every business, launch jacking has its own set of unique  tricks, strategies and nuances which must be utilized to maximize profits.

That’s where Ministry Of Freedom (MOF) comes in. 

It is an in depth course developed by Jono Armstrong who is a successful veteran of launch jacking, having earned millions in commissions utilizing this technique.

Jono started his journey in debt to the tune of $50,000. He now averages earnings of $180,000 per month, all earned by launch jacking exclusive

Here’s what you get in Ministry Of Freedom (MOF):

Week 1:

Mindset, commitment and success, your big choice and the organic module.

Self optimization

Planning and organization


Week 2:

Tools and applications:

Introduction and overview


OBS Studio

YouTube Account



Affiliate link approval

Commission Gorilla


Facebook and Skype


Google calendar




Launch jacking:


Uploading demo videos

Finding a good offer

Calendar and getting organized

Link application and review access

Bonuses and bonus pages

Outsourcing your bonus page

Making review videos

Streaming hack-huge time saver

Uploading, description and thumbnail

Video ranking

Custom bonuses




Week 4:

Branding and soft launching:

Creating your first product

WarriorPlus basic funnel creation

Powerful list building hack


Week 5:

Email marketing:


The writing formula

Email #1 the warmer video

Email #2 The big review and bonus reveal

Email #3 & #4 D-Day

Email #5 The scarcity follow ups

The promo timeline


Week 6 & 7: 

Product launching:


The "launch booster" incentive

JV partners

Creating the perfect product

Funnel structure and pricing

Sales page copy

Members area- Click Funnels



WarriorPlus setup

Support and refunds


Autoresponder integration

JV page

Recruiting and networking

Prizes and contests


Wrap up

Moving forwrad



Week 8:

Software research and outsourcing:


Software research hacks

Product researh

Product development platform


Week 9: 

Paid traffic:


Affiliate link approval

Google ads manager

Paid ads-Get Response

Simple ads

Book a call

Ministry Of Freedom 2.0 Blueprinted Profit Process

  • 4 Live Coaching Calls Per Week With Jono & My Team Of Experts 

  • 1 FULL YEAR Of Mentorship And Coaching

  • 24/7 Support And Networking / VIP Community Access

  • Bonus #1 - “Jono Sending YOU Sales”

  • Bonus #2 - Done For You Super Funnel (Make $1200 / Sale)

  • Bonus #3 - Free $100 Promo Campaign Credit

  • Bonus #4 - DONE FOR YOU Program Setup

  • Bonus #5 - 2-For-1 Program Access

  • Bonus #6 - The Ultimate Launch Booster

  • Bonus #7 - Joint Venture Profit Accelerator 

  • Bonus #7 - Joint Venture Profit Accelerator 

  • Bonus #7 - Joint Venture Profit Accelerator 

Who is Ministry Of Freedom (MOF) for?

Ministry Of Freedom is for anyone looking to create an ongoing, reliable and sustainable source of income. 

The implementation of the techniques requires no experience or technical skill whatsoever. Absolutely anyone from the newest internet marketer to an advanced vetern can be making money very quickly. 

The continuous launch of new products daily guarantees an ongoing source of launch jacking opportunities.