Mass Traffic Blueprint-How To Get Loads of Traffic To Your Offers

Creator: Vick Strizheus

Effectiveness: 9.9 (out of 10)

Price: Free for a limited time only

Mass Traffic Blueprint is a 5 module course designed to show online marketers how to get loads of highly targeted visitors to their offers, whether they’re brand new beginners or experienced veterans.

Mass Traffic Blueprint, which originally sold for $1,497, is an excellent guide for anyone needing traffic to their offers and promotions (basically everyone who’s in business).

The methods covered in the blueprint have all been proven over and over to work very well when done right.

Vick Strizheus ran his own test employing the methods detailed in Mass Traffic Blueprint. This was a large test done over an extended period of time.

His results were 17+ million visitors generated

Total ad costs were $1.2 million

Earnings were $12+ million

Profit was $10 million+/-

Cost per visitor was $0.07-seven cents!

Return on investment was almost 900%!

These methods work.

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Getting the right kind of traffic to your offers can be difficult; it was for me.

But, to be clear, getting traffic isn’t hard because you can buy all you want. The difficult part lies in getting the right kind of traffic. The traffic we want is highly targeted visitors who have an interest in our products and are most likely to buy.

In a recent survey over 70% of the respondents said that getting traffic was the most difficult challenge facing their businesses. Even more challenging than converting prospects to buyers.

Free traffic methods, while cost effective, are normally slow to yield results and impossible to scale up if you have a winning promotion.

Paid traffic is costly and becoming even more so and it requires extensive testing to find the optimum mixture of design and copy. I spent good sums of money myself trying to optimize offers and still failed often.

In addition, ad marketing and social media platforms that you may use for advertising are controlled by someone else, not you. Your account on any of these platforms can be shut down without notice, and they often are.

Facebook is infamous for banning advertisers’ accounts permanently without explanation. I, along with many other marketers have suffered this fate.

I’ve done free traffic generation with blogging, social media posting, YouTube videos and Quora responses. My results were poor because I was shooting from the hip with no guidance.

The same results happened with paid traffic methods. I created ads, optimized them and still had irregular results. Some worked, some didn’t. Once again the problem was no guidance or mentorship.

But, regardless, we still need traffic. It makes no difference how beautiful your website is or how good your product is, if no one sees it, you have no business and will soon be gone.

This all changed for me when I came upon Vick Strizheus and his training. He has a different, refreshing slant on traffic and traffic generation.

He created Mass Traffic Blueprint after years of trial and error and the expenditure of more than $400,000.

There are three steps in the Mass Traffic Blueprint:

1. Get traffic

2. Manage traffic

3. Multiply traffic

The training in Mass Traffic Blueprint is for anybody who needs traffic. That includes:

Affiliate marketers

Product creators


Ecommerce operators



Any other business you can think of

Mass Traffic Blueprint offers solutions to the “traffic getting” problem that everyone encounters. But, it’s not a solution that requires no work. That doesn’t exist in the real world. It is not a hands off solution.

You’ll need to track and analyze your results to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. But, don’t worry; you’ll be shown that, too.

To get immediate access to Mass Traffic Blueprint, CLICK HERE

Get Traffic

The first section of Mass Traffic Blueprint will introduce to the three levels of traffic generation. They are:

Fast results traffic

Strategic scale traffic

Domination traffic

Far too many marketers simply offer their visitors the ability to click on their links and make a purchase. If the visitor declines, he’s lost and gone forever. There’s no attempt made to do anything further with that prospect.

The overriding strategy throughout Mass Traffic Blueprint is that every visitor, whether they buy or not, has the potential to become a valuable asset. This philosophy runs through the training and numerous examples are shown.

Fast results traffic

Fast traffic networks are those that can deliver visitors very quickly, usually with 24 hours of implementation. No marketer wants to wait for days or weeks for traffic to trickle in. By that time he could be out of business.

Fast traffic methods which include influencer traffic, 24 hour traffic, social siphoning, display and pay per click traffic are fully explained in the training.

Strategic scale traffic

These methods are for intermediate level marketers, mainly people who have already generated traffic with fast results traffic and have analyzed those results.

To use these methods effectively you must know your numbers. These include the lifetime value of your customers, your earnings per click and cost per lead. These should all have been developed prior to implementation of strategic sale traffic.

Once these numbers are known, strategic scaling methods can accelerate your traffic generation to extremely high levels. It’s possible to get 100,000+prospects in a single day!

Domination traffic

Domination traffic is the most advanced method taught in Mass Traffic Blueprint. It’s not entirely for beginners, but once you’re ready for it, you can get limitless traffic to any offer in any niche.

This traffic is on a “write your own ticket” level. Vick himself once generated in excess of 500,000 visitors in a single day.

All these methods are still only in the “Get Traffic” part of the Mass Traffic Blueprint.

Manage Traffic

The second section of Mass Traffic Blueprint deals with how to manage traffic once you get it.

The overriding principle is to never waste a visitor. Remember, I mentioned every prospect is treated like a valuable company asset. Here’s how it’s done at this level.

Normally, visitors are sent to a landing page with the hope that they will exchange their email address for some piece of information like an ebook, checklist or video. If the prospect declines and clicks away they are lost to that marketer forever.

Think about this: If you have a 30% opt in rate, 70% of your traffic is lost. 70% of your traffic cost has yielded nothing in return.

Instead, Mass Traffic Blueprint teaches retargeting. Retargeting is a method whereby you can continue to connect with previous visitors after they left your site.

After all, they initially clicked your offer because they had an interest in it. Now you’re simply reminding them of their interest.

Retargeting is effective because it has been shown to bring back 30%-40% of those folks who clicked away. And, retargeting costs much less than you originally paid for that traffic.

Multiply traffic

This is the last step in the blueprint and the goal here is to dominate in your niche.

This is accomplished by building your “hub” on the internet. Your hub is your website, your home where you invite visitors. It’s referred to as your main control center.

On your hub you will be able to create your most important asset — your brand.

Way too many marketers are “product centric” marketers in that their entire focus is on pitching particular products. In the long run, this won’t work.

No one enjoys encountering a pushy salesman. People like to buy, they just don’t like to be sold to. In addition, products come and go. If you’re associated with a particular product and it’s removed from the market, your business is also gone. Think Empower Network, High Altitude and Mobe.

If you properly brand yourself you’ll be perceived as a trusted authority instead of a pushy salesman. It will make no difference what product you’re promoting, your customers will be buying it because you recommended it.

In addition to creating your brand, you can build your own community on your hub.

You can become a mini Facebook, except you won’t be subject to Facebook’s fickle rules. You will control it.

Your hub will also afford you the ability to create multiple streams of passive income by recommending relevant products that your niche members will need.

For example, in the online marketing niche your prospects will need domain names, hosting, autoreponders, tracking software, website themes and page builders. All these products have their own affiliate programs which you can join.

Finally, there’s training in something called “advanced data aggregation”. With this method you can market to individuals who exhibit the same characteristics as your perfect customer.

This method alone can yield massive amounts of highly targeted traffic because you can order as many as you want, without limit.

That’s what you get with the Mass Traffic Blueprint. And, for a limited time you can get it at no cost. This product originally sold out at $1,497 so you know it’s loaded with value.