Growth Commander Review-Content Creation Has Never Been Easier

What is content and why do you need it?

Content marketing is a marketing method that involves the creation, publication, and distribution of content, either written, video or audio, to your most preferable audience in order to bring new traffic, leads and, ultimately, new customers to your business.

To have the greatest impact, your content must be consistent, valuable, and relevant to the wants and needs of your prospects.

Content distribution is normally done through website blogs, podcasts and/or videos on social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Content marketing can be highly beneficial to your business for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s great for organic search and seo.

When you publish high quality content with sought after keywords, Google and other search engines will actually promote your content for you by pushing it high up in their rankings and making it readily available to your best prospects.

These are called “search engines” because folks are using them to search for answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. This makes them highly targeted and qualified buyers; the very best type of traffic.

2. You build brand awareness, thrust and authority for yourself and your business.

Many marketers today are what I term “product centric” marketers. They find a product to promote and they basically hammer their prospects to buy that product. They essentially become associated with that product.

If, and when, that product goes away, so does their entire business until they can find the next product and start the process all over again. Their audience never gets to know them and their values.

By consistently delivering valuable content you are quite easily able to brand yourself as an authority; the guy who always delivers good stuff to your audience.

Now, when you recommend a product, it’s not a recommendation from a pushy salesman, but a recommendation from an authority that the prospects now know and respect.

3. Generate more leads and attract more quality buyers to your promotions

Once you’ve been able to build brand awareness, trust and authority, it’s a natural progression for the people you attract to your content to become your leads and, eventually, your buyers.

4. Your content will be shared

People love to share good content with their friends. It makes them both look good and it feels good as well. The benefit to you is that your content can become viral, bringing you more prospects, leads and buyers.

5. It brings people back to you over and over again

Good content can be hard to come by. You may have to sift through a great of spammy content to find the real diamonds. But, once good content is found, it has magnetic qualities that keep bringing people back for more.

The more they come back, the more they share and the more viral your content can become.

So, how do you keep coming up with good content?

If you’ve ever tried to consistently find good content ideas, you know how difficult and intimidating it can be. But, by now, you should be convinced that it’s a necessity.

Even if you’re fortunate enough to have a whole slew of ideas, crafting the content into useable information can be extremely time consuming and frustrating.

That’s where Growth Commander comes in…

Growth Commander, a tool which has stood the test of time, makes the entire process easier and quicker. A process which normally takes hours can now be reduced to a fraction o that time, all without sacrificing quality.

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Here are the features which make Growth Commander such an exceptional tool for content creators:

Viral Content Finder

This amazing tool lets you find exactly what topics in your niche are popular right now and you can capitalize by creating trendy, exciting niche content that your audience will actually want to read and share with their own network.

You can also share your content seamlessly in seconds with all your social media accounts for easy mass distribution. You can post immediately or schedule your posts to go out at pre-determined times of your choosing.

Content Studio

Creating unique and engaging content can be a difficult and time consuming exercise for any business, but with the Content Studio you can easily create and curate articles, pictures and videos from across the web in just seconds.

You can choose to create your own original content or you san use the “curate” feature and find images, videos and articles which are royalty and copyright free from Google or Content Commander’s own content data base of high quality article across a wide variety of niches, with proper sourcing and attribution.

And, with the push of a button your article will be immediately sent directly to your website ready to share with your audience.

Content Planner

You can easily set publishing schedules for both yourself and your team members. You can even set up email notifications to your team so that no deadlines are ever missed.

The scheduling tool also lets you schedule all your social media posts to all your accounts so you can completely avoid any manual, time draining posting. In addition, the tool has a calendar feature which allows you to see all your scheduled posts at a glance.

Image Gallery

This tool allows you to add images to your account either by uploading them directly or taking them from Content Studio’s own images. There’s also an image editing tool which allows you to crop, rotate and edit as well as adding text, stickers and drawings to any image.

You’ll now be eager to post new content regularly and no longer think of it as a tedious, time consuming task. You and your audience will both love the result.

Here Are Some Key Benefits You Will Be Getting With Growth Commander:

  • Discover the most viral topics and content in any niche.

  • Create viral content and go viral faster than ever before.

  • Utilize our massive content database for your own sites and for clients.

  • Schedule and share viral content faster than ever before

  • Build a content schedule for your blogs and websites

To learn more about Growth Commander, Click here:

Who is Growth Commander for?



Ecommerce stores

Affiliate marketers

Niche site owners

Anyone who needs quality traffic

Growth Commander will allow you to do the following:

Discover the most viral topics and content in any niche.

Create viral content and go viral faster than ever before.

Utilize our massive content database for your own sites and for clients.

Schedule and share viral content faster than ever before

Build a content schedule for your blogs and websites