Welcome to your new wealth pathway

that will help you design and build

a dream life you love…

harness The power of your mind…

…and swing open the doors of limitless opportunity to live the life to which you are destined.

Dream Life Mastery Series


Want to know the lazy persons secret to ultimate abundance?

That works faster than anything else you might have tried before...

All you have to do is use this to reprogram your inner mind, towards an abundant life of wealth, success and happiness.

…and remove the invisible barriers that are holding you back.

In less than FIVE minutes from now, you’ll be able to quickly and easily build a life that you love, complete with more wealth & phenomenal success in achieving your goals…



So much of success in life is determined by your mindset.

What you repetitively think in your mind, tends to come about in real life.

If you’re in a rush, I have an incredible free gift for you today.

The BEST way to upgrade your subconscious mind is to listen to a self-hypnosis track.

Any ONE of these tracks has the power to upgrade your subconscious mindset.

And in turn, bring about more success in whatever area of life you are most focused on.


Total Money Magnetism

Total Money Magnetism (The Secret Neuroscience of Millionaires) is a six-step system that effortlessly and automatically re-programs your brain into the brain of a millionaire.

Written by world renowned hypnotherapist, multimillionaire, and celebrity success coach Dr. Steve G. Jones, this program is guaranteed to get results…


Overflowing Wealth

Tired of being strapped for cash?

And not having enough left over to take a dream vacation, upgrade the house, buy the car you always wanted?

The biggest reason many people don’t create the wealth they desire is down to one subconscious thought that is like a barrier between YOU and the wealth, abundance and prosperity you want.

By listening to clinical hypnotherapist Dr.Steve G Jones self-hypnosis track once a day for 2 weeks you can quickly and effortlessly rewire your mindset to a new fresh Wealth Brain mindset.

All from the comfort of your bed or couch.


Stop Negative Thinking

Listen to this specially crafted self-hypnosis track that replaces negative thought habits with positive empowering ones...

Do you know that negative thoughts destroy your mental health?

And they stop you from getting where you want to be.

Yet, most of us have them at one time or another.

But, constant negative thinking is like waging war on your mind…

It can stop today with this just released a groundbreaking self-hypnosis audio track…


Maximum Motivation

If you often find yourself struggling for motivation to finish tasks, start new projects, or try something new...

or just looking for a way to be more focused and get more things done with greater efficiency...

Then this powerful hypnosis track is designed to light a fire of inspiration under you, and boost your motivation and drive to achieve more.

It will also help you attain greater mental clarity and stay focused the whole day.


Supreme Self-Confidence

Many of my folks have felt they weren’t good enough and struggled with low self-esteem.

What’s interesting is that they’re CEOs, Fortune 500 executives and high-profile celebrities.

In fact, they even feel like they’re NOT WORTHY of success and happiness. You’d think that if anyone would be the most confident people in the world, it would be them.

However, they’re also plagued with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt like everyone else.

This is a TOXIC mindset that can hold us back from our true greatness…

And that’s where Supreme Self-Confidence comes in...


Limit Free Life

Using breakthrough neuroscience to make a simple “mind shift” you can quickly and effortlessly overcome limiting fears to accomplish your greatest goals and transform your life.

You can now reprogram the mind to become a magnet for greater wealth, health, love, peace, and happiness.

Unlock your full potential and recondition your mind for a limit-free life...

Remove barriers to success while opening the doors to an abundant future in under 15 minutes a day...


Feel Happier

It's time to create lasting happiness, feel more alive, and love the journey you're on...

The more you practice certain habits and beliefs, the happier you feel. And it wasn’t the fleeting kind of happiness that fizzled out when things got tough...

You can cultivate a stable sense of joy that endures through good times AND bad...

You can can build a happier life regardless of your circumstances...


Rise Above

You have the ability to rise above life's challenges...and radiate resilience, strength and happiness.

If you’re going through a difficult time in any area of your life (finances, your relationship, your career, a health scare, losing a loved one, etc)…

…Then this powerful self-hypnosis track, is designed to help you to rebound quickly, and achieve the satisfying stress-free, high vibration life that you deserve.

You can feel happier, less stressed, and more resilient to handle whatever life may throw your way in the future.


Stop Stress

It's time to stop being overwhelmed by stress and take control of our lives...

If you’re struggling with unchecked stress or anxiety, then today is your chance to break free…

Whether it’s stress related to work, family life, health, or something else…

Now you can learn a quick and simple way to release tension and rewire your mindset to stop stress from taking over.

This same method has been used by thousands of people to help them break free of disruptive thinking patterns and to set the conditions for success...


Wired For Joy

It's time to reawaken your sense of joy...and Feel Hopeful For A Bright And incredible Future, And Open The Door To Pure Happiness

If you’re finding it difficult to quickly release feelings of stress ,anxiety and sadness…

Then this
powerful self-hypnosis track is designed to help you to experience a higher level of joy and freedom you deserve.

It works to help you quickly develop the
CRITICAL skills to effortlessly shake off negative emotions, feelings of anxiety, and built up stress...

…to make room for
MORE JOY AND GRATITUDE in your life! so that you can enjoy the journey that you are on and set your future destiny for one of abundant growth and success.


Stop Anxiety

It's time to stop anxiety, enjoy inner peace and overcome negative thought patterns and feel calm once again...

There’s nothing worse than being FLOODED with anxious thoughts and a sense of dread when you least expect it.

A lot of people deal with negative thought patterns that come up while they’re going about their day…

...or when they’re in bed, struggling to get some sleep.

No matter what time of the day they strike, it can send them down a spiral of panic, confusion, and uncertainty.

“Stop Anxiety” is a self-hypnosis program developed to help you calm down whenever you need to.

Using affirmations, suggestions and new belief systems, everyone can re-shape their mental pathways and develop their ability to self-soothe...


No More Worrying

It's Time To Stop Overthinking & Bring Positive Energy Into Your Life...

You can finally overcome those worrisome feelings that are chipping away at your inner peace.

Whether those thoughts are related to finances, relationships, job issues, or emotional and physical well-being…

...I can show you a quick and effective way to re-wire your thought patterns AND put an end to ruminating and overthinking!

This is the same method used to help thousands of one-on-one clients so they can break free of anxiety and get their lives back on track.

Now anyone can reprogram their deeply embedded subconscious beliefs that feed negative mental habits...


Money Momentum Kickstart

Build momentum toward financial success ...And Keep Money-Making Systems In Perpetual Motion!

I was deep in credit card debt (to the tune of $80,000), got evicted from my apartment, and was borderline bankrupt.

Not surprisingly, I felt hopeless about the state of my life.

As far as I was concerned, it was next to impossible to get out of the rut I was in.

But as I hovered near-rock bottom, I learned an important truth:

If I didn’t change my mindset and attitude about money, then I was going to be stuck exactly where I was.

That’s why I had to rewrite my most deeply-held beliefs and fears about money...

...so that I could put myself on a wealthier and more abundant path…


Heal The Body

It's time to heal the body with the power of the mind, Raise The Immune System, And Feel Like The Best You!

Many people struggle to cope with the stress of everyday life. Most of the time, it’s because they lack the resources to deal with the stressors that pile up over the week.

This makes them feel overwhelmed - and their immune system suffers as a result.

Many studies show that accumulated stress can take a toll on one’s mental, emotional and physical health.

We’ve helped a lot of people master the inner world of their mind so they can take back their health and vitality.

And today, I’d like to offer you the same guidance. With self-hypnosis, anyone can unlock their mind’s innate ability to heal their body...


End Addiction

Put an end to addiction for good...And Live Each Day With Maximum Health, Clarity & Joy!

If you’re struggling to overcome a difficult addiction in your life (smoking, sugar, alcohol, excessive shopping, gambling, etc)…

…Then self-hypnosis may provide the answer that you need, in order to curb those subconscious cravings, and to make your mind desire more beneficial habits instead.

This works for the following addictions among others:









Binge eating


The Decluttered Mind

Organize your thoughts, live in the present, stay focused all day and reach your full potential...

If you’re constantly worrying and filled with negative thoughts...

...or just looking for a way to be more focused and get more things done...

...then this powerful hypnosis track is designed to Declutter Your Mind, help you achieve clarity, and stay focused the whole day.

Our minds, like cabinets and closets, need decluttering from time to time.

Getting rid of the non-essential mental baggage is the most important step if you want to stay motivated, focused, and productive...


Soaring Success

Get ready to overcome overwhelming obstacles and reach new heights of success and happiness...

If you’re struggling to break free from the things holding you back from more success in a certain area of your life...

...such as your finances, relationships, health or career...

...then this powerful self-hypnosis track will unlock your mind's Inner Power which will help you achieve escape velocity and break free from the challenges that are weighing you down.

Most people feel stuck in their situation because of the harmful mindsets deep in their subconscious. These toxic mental habits dominate their lives and leave them powerless.

ANYONE can reprogram these hidden thought patterns that are clogging up their thinking. Once they've re-wired their mindset and optimized it for maximum achievement...


Stop Insomnia

Now get better sleep and take your energy and wellness to

the next level...

Sleep is a CRITICAL foundation of our health. Getting enough rest has a direct effect on a person’s mental, emotional and physical health.

More than that, sleep also plays a significant role in strengthening our immune system…

...AND in preventing diabetes, obesity, cancer, memory loss, and depression.

Unfortunately, a shocking one-third of adults in the U.S. alone are experiencing sleep deprivation.

Now you stop tossing and turning at night - and avoid the biggest risks to your health!

“Stop Insomnia”, my latest self-hypnosis audio track, is designed to break the vicious cycle...


The Doer's Brain

Stop making excuses, get more things done and become a person of action who creates real change in their life.

If self-discipline is a challenge for you...

...and it's keeping you from working on important tasks, urgent projects, and mission-critical goals...

...then I can help you develop an action-oriented brain that LOVES to get things done!

Imagine the kind of life would you have if you could easily plan, prioritize and take action WITHOUT delay.

That would give you more time to spend with family and friends, boost your career, and even benefit you financially!


Wake Up Calm

Stop stress and anxiety for good and sleep blissfully and wake each day with focused energy and excitement!

If you’re suffering at all with stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, then there’s a high chance it is caused by one of these big 5 life balance issues…

Financial pressure, relationship issues, career problems, a health scare, or loss of a loved one.

The great news is that you can gain long-lasting relief in as little as 30 minutes by listening to these TWO carefully scripted Self-Hypnosis audio tracks. They are designed to:

1. Improve the length AND quality of your sleep.
2. Make you feel happier and more energized by your life.
3. Reduce stress & anxiety levels right back to a healthy balance.
4. Regain your access to your higher self, so that you can be on track living your truest purpose.


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