You Must Master This…Or Else

written byHenry Biegacz
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Did you know that only a very small percentage

of internet marketers achieve any level of


The level of success that will provide them a

full-time income from their internet business?

Surveys have actually shown that maybe 5% of marketers

make more than $100 per month from their efforts.

There are any number of reasons given for this-

information overload,

shiny object syndrome,

taking no action, etc., etc.

But there are really four main areas where people

get STUCK…

Once you’ve mastered these, you can be

on your way to creating a successful and

sustainable business.

So, what re these four elusive areas?

They are:


List building



That’s it…there’s really no more than that.

Let’s talk right now about the first two.


Nothing happens unless a sale is made.

In order to make a sale, you must have a

customer first.

But, you can’t just have a random customer.

You must have a customer who’s interested in

the product you’re offering.

In addition, you’re going to need to be able to

create a steady stream of these targeted customers.

There are many ways to drive traffic.

But, you need to know which is the most effective

for your offer and which will only cost you

money and time, but, won’t put any

money in your pocket.

Is it better to do free traffic or paid traffic?

Do you know which will work better?

Do you know how to do proper tracking, so

you’ll know how effective your campaigns are?

What’s the most effective way to do paid traffic

when you have a very limited budget?

List Building:

If you’ve been in online marketing

for even a short time, you’ve probably heard…

“The money’s in the list”.

And, you know what? It’s true!

Your email list will be your business’ most

valuable asset.

You pay for it once as you build it and it

can pay you back for many years into the future.

The internet marketing rule is that you earn $1 per

month for each subscriber on your list.

When you do the math, you can see how fast the

numbers add up.

But, just knowing the importance of a subscriber list

is not enough to get the job done.

You need to know what it takes to get people to

join your list.

Most folks are on numerous lists and get lots

of email every day.

Why should they also join up to your list?

What makes you so different?

How do you appeal to strangers so they’ll willingly

sign up and open your emails?

It’s not nearly enough to just get an opt in. How can

you increase your open rates and click through rates?

How can you get folks to eagerly wait to hear from you

and read what you sent them?

What are the best ways to use social media to

grow your email list?

These are a lot of things to think about for both

traffic and list building.

They are two of the four areas where so many

marketers get STUCK and lose their way.

If you get STUCK in your business, it’s crucial that you get

UNSTUCK as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, many marketers remain stuck at this

point and simply fade away.

Don’t let this happen to you…

It’s a tough way to have your dreams destroyed.


This involves repeatedly turning your

prospects into action takers on command.

You can drive traffic to your offers and you can

successfully obtain subscribers to your email list.


If they don’t convert into buyers, what have you really got?

You’ll have a nice list of prospects, but no income.

When you think about it…what’s your list actually worth?

Not a whole lot.

You have to learn how to turn prospects into action

takers on landing pages, sales pages, websites and


Did you know that there are a number of hypnotic

factors that practically FORCE people to buy?

Are you familiar with the affiliate conversion tactics

that can help you bank additional hundreds every day?

How about the back end methods to convert low

ticket buyers into high ticket purchasers that will

exponentially multiply your income…with very little

extra work?

So many would-be entrepreneurs overlook these

tactics…and pay dearly for it.

You don’t want to be one of them.


Is the duplication and automation of

systems for growing your business.

Once you’ve figured out what works in your business, you

want to do it as much and as often as you can.

Scaling is where fortunes are made.

The beauty of scaling is that once you know what works,

it becomes progressively easier to duplicate.

This allows you to quickly stack up those big bucks.

Do you know there are tools and apps available right

now that can help you scale your business quickly

and efficiently–with a minimum of work on your part?

How about tools that can automate your income, even

if you’re on a shoestring budget?

Are you familiar with the keys to managing big projects

and multiple projects at the same time?

How about winning product launch contests?

Or, how about creating systems that allow you to earn

commissions continuously on an evergreen basis?

Between these four areas, there’s a lot to learn.

With so much knowledge required, it’s easy to see why

so many marketers get STUCK.

Don’t let it happen to you.

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