Why Affiliate Marketers Lose Money

written byHenry Biegacz
posted on

This video will describe the mistakes which cause affiliate marketers to lose money.

Although the affiliate marketing is a very simple business model, its execution is not always simple. Like any other busine skill, it must be studied, practiced and mastered.

Along the way many affiliates experience failure and loss of money. Many of these failures can be avoided with proper knowledge and planning.

The purpose of this video is to how affiliate marketers the most common mistakes made and how to bypass them.

Here is a list of these mistakes:

#1 They neglect the long game.

Business is marathon, not a sprint. You must provide value even as you promote products.

#2 Promoting too many products in too many niches at the same time

#3 Read the terms of service and the affiliate agreement

#4 Not reviewing your affiliate links

#5 Paralysis by analysis

#6 Direct linking to affiliate offers

#7 Affiliates don’t “niche down” when entering a crowded niche

#8 Neglecting your email list building

#9 Not picking and mastering one traffic source

#10 Not retargeting all your traffic

#11 Not focusing on brand building

#12 Not taking action