Website Monetization Strategies

written byHenry Biegacz
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Ok, so now you have a website!

You set it up on wordpress, have a nice theme, really catchy colors and you made strategic widget placements in your sidebar.

In addition, you did a lot of research and you posted some great content which you know will be of

value to your visitors.

But, this is still a business and you’d like to make some money for all your efforts.

So, the question is: What’s the best way to make some money (monetize) from this website masterpiece of yours?

There are numerous methods and strategies to monetize your site. I’ll share a few which are easy to put into motion and will start bringing in some money in return for all your hard work.

Google Adsense

The Google Display Network sells advertising to people who want to place ads on websites that are relevant to their product offerings. When the ads are viewed and clicked by your visitor, you earn a share of Google’s ad revenue.

The ads are relevant to your site and would be of interest to the type of visitor your website attracts.

Their program is very popular and is very easy to implement. You just sign up with Google for an Adsense account. You have a choice of various ad sizes that you want to appear on your site.

Google will provide you with HTML code which you place on your site and you’re in business.

Rotating ads will begin appearing on your website. When they’re clicked by the viewer, you make money.

Google used to limit you to only three ads per web page, but they’ve recently lifted this limitation.

In addition to Google, there are other ad networks which will also place ads on your site and pay you. Check out and, or example.

Affiliate Offers

If you are an affiliate for any products, you can place banners on your site, do product review articles or simply insert links in your content for your affiliate products. If any of your visitors signed up for the offer, you would have earned a commission.

Create Your Own Product

This is very similar to marketing an affiliate offer on your site. You would market your product in the same manner as an affiliate product.

The big difference is that you would receive the product’s entire purchase price instead of a percentage of the price as an affiliate commission. However, you would also be responsible for creating the product and any support issues.

Sell Ad Space

This is similar to Google Adsense, but here you would be dealing directly with the advertisers instead of having Google acting as the middleman.

You would negotiate advertising prices and you would be responsible for placing the ads on your site and insuring their proper showing.

You could sell banner ad space for a flat monthly fee or you could sell it on a “per impression” basis.

Your pricing would compare very favorably with Google’s pricing because Google can become very expensive. Of course, you would be responsible for maintenance, but you would also be receiving 100% of the revenue.

You can also allow advertisers the ability to post their written content, with their product links embedded, on your site.

Build An Email List

You can effectively use your website to generate leads to build an email list.

If you have an ebook, checklist or cheatsheet which you’ve developed and you believe will offer your visitors valuable content, you can write about it on your site and invite visitors to get it by signing up to your email list.

You won’t make money immediately, but you’ll be building a valuable asset which you can develop as a source for long term income—your email list

Try all these different options on your site to determine which works best. The strategies reviewed above are all easy to implement and you can begin earning right away.