Want A Super Responsive Email List…Do This

written byHenry Biegacz
posted on

I’m sure you already heard “The money is in the list”.

And it is. With an email list you can communicate with your prospects and you can promote all sorts of relevant offers any time you want.

If your list is responsive, you’ll make money every time you promote.

The bigger your responsive list, the more money you stand to earn. Makes sense, right?

The problem is: What’s the best (and quickest) way to build that list.

You can try solo ads, facebook ads, and seo techniques. They all work with varying degrees of success.

But, I heard of a mindblowing strategy to build an ultra responsive list of targeted prospects. In fact, the individual who explained this strategy earned in excess of $500,000 in one Clickbank account in six months.

And, it’s an easy, simple to do strategy.

Let’s assume your niche is the dog training niche (original, right).

Go to google and enter “dog training subscribe now” in the search box.

The resulting list of websites are all in the dog training niche and they are all gathering email addresses from their visitors. These are visitors who have expressed an interest in dog training by opting in to the email list.

Next, you would simply contact the site owners and explain that you have an offer in their niche and you would like to know how much they would charge to mail your offer to their list.

You could initially try a small test to see how well the list performs for your offer. Explain that if your initial test is successful, you will be increasing your orders in the future.

The reason why this strategy works so well is because the list is already very targeted to your type of promotions. Instead of you starting from scratch and searching for those people who have an interest in your promotions, you are finding traffic that’s already interested, and simply placing your offer in front of that traffic.

You can direct link from your email right to your offer for some fast cash. Or, you can send them from your email to a squeeze page, collect their email address for your own list and then send them on to your offer.

This way you’ll be making some money to defray the cost of the mailing and building a great, targeted list as well.

You can try this strategy out for yourself, for a very low initial cost, to remove the risk. Ramp up after you’ve achieved some initial success.

Give this strategy a try. After all, $500,000 in six months is nothing to sneeze at.