Tube Monetization and Automation Review: Jordan Mackey’s New Course + Mega Bonuses

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Course overview

There are numerous ways to make money with YouTube, and, one of the best ways is through the YouTube Partner Program.

To gain admittance to the YouTube Partner Program your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the last twelve months. Once accepted into the program, the channel owner can elect to have YouYube place ads on the channel before, during and at the end of the video.

If viewers watch at least thirty seconds of the ad or click on the ad, the advertiser will be charged. YouTube will then share the proceeds with the channel owner.

The YouTube Partner Program is one of the best ways to monetize your videos because the income is totally passive. Once the video is uploaded, it can continue to be viewed for years into the future and the channel owner can continue to collect money from YouTube (Google) for many years, all without even lifting a finger.

In fact, there are channel owners who regularly collect six figure monthly checks from this program.

But, like everything else worthwhile, YouTube monetization is a skill which must be acquired if you want to get the most out of your channel’s monetization.

That’s where Jordan Mackey and the Tube Monetization & Automation training come in to fill that void.

Who Is Jordan Mackey and Why Should You Listen To Him?

Jordan Mackey has consistently earned six figure annual incomes from his monetization strategies in the YouTube Partner Program, and that’s with only three channels.

He is the creator of three other courses that deal specifically with YouTube monetization tips and strategies and has more than 7,000 students and a 4,000 member Facebook group that share tips and information on the best methods to succeed and provide answers for those who have questions.

There have been numerous changes in the YouTube Partner Program regarding what types of videos are more favorable than others, criteria to be approved for channel monetization and how to avoid having your channel become demonetized.

Tube Monetization & Automation has been completely revamped to incorporate all these changes. It will teach you everything you need to know about building YouTube channels in 2020 and beyond.

Everything that is out-dated is gone, and has been replaced with the latest strategies Jordan has personally used to transform his channels and future-proof them within YouTube and Adsense guidelines and Policies.These are not simple theories about what might actually work, they’ve all withstood the test and produced significant results.

You can learn how to build a personal brand channel, list channel, combination channel, or any channel you choose without showing your face or using your voice. Every one of the those topics is covered in great depth, nothing is left out.

You will shown everything step-by-step from how to start your channels from scratch, accelerate your growth, monetize your channels to maximum profitability, and scale them to the moon.

You will see the secrets for getting your channel monetized quickly, algorithm hacks for exploding your channels, optimum strategies for going viral, and niche ideas and research.

It also includes over six hours of content on strategies for affiliate marketing on YouTube with your channels: Including affiliate marketing networks, high ticket offers, the optimum strategy for affiliate marketing on and off of YouTube, and my in depth secrets for making people want to click your links and purchase what you promote, and most importantly how to blow up your earnings with affiliate marketing.

I have personally been a student of the prior courses and will be a student of this one as well simply because they work.

The courses have lived up to and beyond expectations. Jordan has loads of testimonials from former students who all rave about their results.

So, What’s In Tube Monetization and Automation?

Module 1: Welcome and overview

Jordan will introduce himself and tell you a bit about his journey. He will also give you his personal email for any questions you have and you will receive access to our private Facebook group community!

You will receive information on how the course works, as well as an overview of how this YouTube process works.

There’s briefing of YouTube, as well as an overview of the four YouTube channel strategies this program covers (personal brand, list channels, combination channels, and “no face or voice” channels.)

Module 2: Choosing your perfect niche

This is one area where most people struggle, but this simple step-by-step formula will end in you having your niche already picked out.

We will also dive into CPM (how much your channel is paid for every 1,000 views) and I will reveal the highest paying CPM niches.

Module 3: Youtube basics

I will walk you through setting up your YouTube account and creating your channel, and I will also show you around the YouTube dashboard and YouTube analytics.

You will also walked through creating your Google Adsense account that will hopefully serve as your future income portal.

This module will be valuable for showing you the ropes in a very step-by-step way. Even if you’re a YouTube veteran, you may just pick up on a few things you didn’t know before in this module!

Module 4: Passing monetization Review

In order to produce income on YouTube, you need to monetize your channel. This module is jam-packed with methods of getting monetized that no other program will show you.

It has been used by thousands of students to reach monetization, sometimes as quickly as a week or two!

You will then be shown tons of tips, tricks, and hacks for monetizing your channel in as quickly as possible.

Module 5: Instant monetization

You will learn a few different ways you can monetize your channel instantly and completely skip the review!

This is something that took me years of research to discover and you will not find it in any other program.

Module 6: Video topic research

By the end of this module you will have 40–60 video ideas picked out and ready to go.

After following our step-by-step patented keyword process you will be flooded with almost unlimited video ideas and topics.

You will learn the process for keyword research and compile a massive list of the best high traffic, low competition keywords in your niche.

Jordan will also personally show you a case study of a video that was posted that generated almost $2,000 in three days on a brand new channel with just one video.

Module 7: Creating and editing your videos

This module will cover every single step of the video creation process, from finding the royalty free and stock footage clips, music, and images you will be using to putting them all together in a free and easy to use video editor.

You will also learn about some amazing software that will allow you to create this entire video within five minutes.

You’ll have done-for-you video scripts and templates for both list channels and personal brand channels so you can systematize your videos.

Module 8: SEO secrets for truly going viral

SEO is a very important concept to understand and will greatly increase your chances of your videos and your channel getting views, and will help you rank on the front page of YouTube and Google.

You will be shown 7 crucial steps to getting your videos to go viral. You will learn how to rank in the search results, and more importantly how to get suggested by YouTube.

We will cover titles, tags, and thumbnail research and learn the anatomy of what makes a high click through thumbnail.

After that, I will show you exactly how you can create your own engaging thumbnails.

Module 9: Advanced Monetization Techniques

In this module you will learn how to place ads on your videos (it’s very simple and only takes a couple of clicks.)

You will learn about a secret channel translation strategy that almost every YouTube channel misses out on. and I will reveal my secret that I have used to increase my earnings by up to TEN TIMES the amount others have been able to get.

This secret right here is the one that I discovered that changed my life so you’re not going to want to miss this one!

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Module 10: My three niche case studies

In this module I will fully peel back the curtain and show you the exact three niches I use to be successful on YouTube.

It includes the exact channels I get my videos from, the tags, titles, and thumbnails I use to be successful, and the research process I use for my niches.

This is the most in-depth and thought provoking module and is much deeper than what you will find in any other program.

Module 11: Outsourcing and automation

Here you will introduced to multiple ways you can cheaply outsource any part of the process. See how you can outsource any and every part of the process and create your own automation assembly line team.

You earn all of the revenue while everyone else does the work for you.

Module 12: Affiliate marketing on youtube program introduction

Did you know that affiliate marketing on your videos can be even more lucrative than Adsense?

The beauty of affiliate marketing is you can start earning income with your channel on day one!

No monetization review and no Adsense policy guidelines to worry about!

You will get the full overview of using affiliate marketing with YouTube, learn how you can leverage affiliate marketing on any channel and niche you have.

You’ll learn learn strategies for building channels with the sole goal of affiliate marketing products, and identify many high ticket offers you can promote.

We will also go over many case studies of channels making six and seven figures with affiliate marketing on YouTube!

Module 13: Affiliate marketing networks

we will discuss everything you need to know about how to join these networks for free, how to get accepted by these networks, and most importantly how to find hundreds of products for absolutely any and every niche.

Module 14: Affiliate marketing strategies

We will deep dive into many different strategies you can implement for earning income on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing.

We will discuss strategies for ranking YouTube videos and leveraging them to target certain niches and choosing the perfect niches for affiliate marketing.

You’ll learn how to use and create product review videos and find tons of niche and high ticket product case studies.

Module 15: Affiliate marketing with your channel

We will cover some very valuable resources you will need for creating your affiliate marketing videos. Things like link shorteners and where to place your links for maximum click-through and conversions.

You’ll see how to place engaging call-to-actions into your videos, creating landing pages and email marketing.

I will give you my secret for making people want to click on your links and purchase the products you promote.

Module 16: High ticket offers

Why would you want to promote a $100 product when, with the same effort, you can promote a $1,000 product?

In this module I will give you a massive list of high tickets offers in tons of different niches, as well as monthly recurring commissions that will continue paying you month after month for just one sale!

Module 17: Non-youtube affiliate marketing strategies

We will provide other strategies you can use to earn revenue with affiliate marketing outside of YouTube.

Things like affiliate marketing on Facebook and using Facebook Ads, Instagram, and even ways you can get paid by sponsorships!

Module 18: Affiliate marketing mindset

You will learn the ethical considerations to keep in mind when affiliate marketing in order to make sure your viewers continue to trust you when you endorse future products.

Module 19: Helpful affiliate marketing resources

There are affiliate marketing resources that will help you create some amazing affiliate marketing videos and product offers. You’ll will learn which resources you must have, and which you don’t need.

Module 20: Conclusion

You now possess all the knowledge and information you need to become a raving success on YouTube. Now you need to take action. If you do nothing at this point, nothing in your life will improve.

Remember, imperfect action ALWAYS beats perfect inaction.

So, How Much Does Tube Monetization and Automation Cost?

With Tube Monetization and Automation you’re getting twenty value packed videos containing all the information you will everneed to become a YouTube master and create a sustainable, long term full time income.

In addition, Jordan has provided his own huge bundle of bonuses and I have also created a mega bonus package when you purchase Tube Monetization and Automation through my link.

You get all this for a one time cost of $297 for a limited launch time special.

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Jordan’s Bonus Bundle:

20 hours of live Q&A mastermind replays ($497 value). Question and answer format webinars I have done with my members. These are members just like you who havegone through the program and asked me questions live and became part of the discussion with me.

Personal Branding Program ($397 value). In this program I will peel back the curtain and reveal to you all of the secrets I used to earn well over six figures with my personal brand. I will show you everything I have learned about the psychology of selling courses and building a brand.

Shopify Dropshipping Program ($397 value). This program is over 5 hours long and includes over 30 videos in 12 jam-packed modules. It includes a step-by-step tutorial on building your store, to niche ideas and research, creating custom URL domains, store logos, important pages such as privacy policy, terms of use, cart page, and the checkout page.

The amazing Facebook group (priceless). No other group has the sort of engagement or welcoming community that we have. This creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for asking questions, posting successes and struggles, or just saying hello!

We have experts in there that are YouTube experts, monetization experts, affiliate marketing experts, website building experts, advertising experts, software building experts, video creation experts, everything!

200+ list of profitable niches ($297 value). Plus fill-in-the-blank video script templates, personal brand and list channel scripts.

My Mega Bonus Bundle


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