This Is Why People Fail At Internet Marketing

written byHenry Biegacz
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The failure rates for internet marketers are astronomical. It’s estimated that 96% of aspiring marketers make less than $100 per month.

When you think about it, this business just shouldn’t be that difficult.

It should be:

1. Find a market,

2. Offer your market a relevant product they want/need,

3. Go to the bank with all your profits.

So, why isn’t it working for such a high percentage of marketers?

It could be for any one of the following reasons or a combination of several of them.

Internet Marketing Is A Real Business

Too many prospective internet marketers see a slick sales page for the next “wonder product” with all the screen shots of huge commissions and come to believe this is a push button business. There is no such thing. Any business that’s worthwhile requires work, diligence and daily nurturing.

You’ll need to know a little something about website structure, copywriting, advertising, persuasion and sales conversions. You don’t have to become an expert at all of the above, but you should have at least some nominal knowledge of each area.


You can’t do it all. Many new marketers become quickly overwhelmed. You have so many choices to go through. For example, if you’re looking at traffic generation methods you’ve got a bunch of choices. There’s blogging, Facebook, YouTube, pay per click, pay per view, display ads, Google adwords, Bing, etc,etc.

Far too many prospective internet marketers try to do all these methods. It’s impossible. They won’t become an expert at any of them and will probably do a poor job at all of them. It’s called “jack of all trades, master of none”.

Instead, focus on one method and learn as much about it as you can. In this way you’re more likely to become an expert at it and find success.

Don’t move onto to other methods and become overwhelmed until you’ve mastered the first one.

Slow down to go fast.

Don’t Only Focus On One Thing

Here’s the other side of the coin. After you’ve mastered your first skill and have created success with it, move on to the next skill you need to master for your business.

Always keep learning new skills to become a better marketer. You must always be working to improve yourself and master new skills.

Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

Can you imagine planning a trip with no pre-determined destination in mind and no map in hand to provide direction? Hard to imagine, right?

Then, why do so many people run their businesses in that exact fashion?

Do you have a written business plan with clearly defined goals? Do you have long term and short term goals? Do you know what steps to take to achieve your goals and in what order you’ll take them?

Once you have your written plan, will you be able to stick to it or will you become easily distracted by the next Shiny object?

How persistent are you?

Business success isn’t earned in a straight upward line. There will be ups and downs along the way. It’s quite possible your business will experience more “downs” than “ups” on your way to success.

How badly do you want to succeed? Are you willing to get up off the ground every time you get knocked down?

It’s real simple: To succeed you must be persistent; otherwise, you’re just wasting time.

Lack Of Action

The path to internet business failure is littered with people who acquired a vast amount of education and training, but never took any action.

Lack of action may well be the single greatest factor for failure in our industry.

Too many folks spend large amounts of time and money to acquire knowledge and then do nothing with it and then expect success.

Think about this—the one element all successful people have in common is that they all took massive action. Without action you can be certain that absolutely nothing will ever happen in your business.

The internet can offer a staggering potential for success. It’s possible to create a lifestyle that many can only dream about. It can allow you to have all the freedom you’d ever want.

But, to achieve that success you have to be aware of all the pitfalls that await you on your journey.

I hope I’ve been able to enlighten you where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them on your way to creating your perfect lifestyle business.

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