Success Challenge Review | Paid Traffic or Free Traffic?

written byHenry Biegacz
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In this video the advantages and disadvantages of free vs. paid traffic are examined. This topic is covered extensively in the Success Challenge and Affiliate Marketing Academy.


Paid traffic has the advantage of yielding very fast results. Once the ad has been created and is running, traffic will start immediately. If an ad is successful, it can be scaled to limits which are governed only by the advertiser's budget.

The disadvantages of paid traffic are that it costs money to employ. You must have a budget set aside and must expect to lose money, at least, until your ads can be tested and optimized.

Paid ads also require that you know all your critical numbers. You must know what you can expect to earn from every customer so that you will know the maximum you can spend to acquire that customer.

Paid ads are NOT passive. You must constantly monitor and adjust your ads in order to get the most out of every advertising dollar.


While free traffic doesn't require a cash outlay, it nonetheless, requires an outlay of time and effort; so in that respect, it's not really free.

Free traffic can't be controlled. You are at the mercy of the search engines and social media platforms. If a promotion does well, there's nothing you can do to scale it up other than to create more similar content and hope it also ranks well.

To get the most out of organic content it's a good idea to repurpose it. For example, a blog post can be reused as a Facebook post, a YouTube video and a podcast, thereby turning one piece of content into four.

An advertiser should employ retargeting whenever possible. This will insure that no visitor is ever wasted. Retargeting means interacting again with someone who ha already shown an interest in and visited your promotion, but didn't buy. Retargeting is a very inexpensive form of marketing and is very effective with creating additional signups and sales.