Repurposing Content…Turning One Piece Of Content Into 20…Or More

written byHenry Biegacz
posted on

We hear it all the time “Provide valuable content to your audience” or “Share only high quality information in your blogs and emails”.

We’re always looking for good, valuable content to provide. But, Let’s face it, finding high quality content can be a challenge.

Good content will get us recognition as an authority and it will help us get good backlinks, which, in turn, will get high Google rankings and high quality traffic. All good things.

The idea is to get backlinks from high authority sites. Backlinks from low quality sites will only yield low quality traffic, while the opposite will be true for good quality links.

Traditional marketing usually works like this:

Create a video

Upload your video to YouTube

Post on Facebook-“Check out this video”

Get backlinks from Facebook and YouTube, and, hopefully, some traffic, as well.

Here’s a much better way that will yield exponentially better results.

Create an animated video or slides with text and a scripted voice over with background music. This video MUST contain high quality, valuable content.

Upload your video to YouTube. Make sure to add links to your website in the description (you’d be shocked to know how many marketers forget to add their links in the description).

Embed the video on your website. Just copy the embed code which is provided by YouTube and post it on your site.

Upload your video on to other video sites such as: vimeo, daily motion and flickr. These sites all have a high domain authority and a high page authority. Your video will receive backlinks from these highly regarded sites. You can easily find a dozen video sharing sites where you can embed your video at no cost.

Extract the audio from your video and upload it to audio sharing sites such as: soundcloud, and bondcamp. Also, share it on podcast sites such as: audioboo, buzzsprout and podcast garden. Once again, these are all high authority sites which will give you high authority backlinks.

Extract frames from your video and save them as images. Then upload these to image (slide) sharing sites such as: google slides and slideshare.

Use your images and text to create power point slides. Use these to create pdf”s and share them on pdf sharing sites such as: google docs and issuu.

Use the images on image sharing sites such as: google images and flickr.

Share your content on bookmark sites such as: delicious and digo.

Share on social media such as: Facebook and Twitter. Share on web2.0 sites such as: Tumblr, blogger and weebly.

The key to all this is that by sharing your content in various forms on other high quality, high authority sites such as these, you will, in turn, receive equally high quality, high authority backlinks.

This will help you get your content ranked highly by Google, as well as, bringing you high quality traffic that will be interested in your offers.

In addition, you don’t have to do any of this work yourself.

There are people available on or other freelance websites who can do all the aforementioned steps for you at a reasonable cost.

You may already have heard the mantra “Do the work once and get paid many times”.

By following the above steps you’ll be able to turn every piece of content you produce into twenty (or more) pieces of high quality content.