Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing In 2021 Step By Step Tutorial For Beginners

written byHenry Biegacz
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There have been a number of models showing how to make money online with affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, several of these affiliate marketing models don't work today.

Do not promote any affiliate products BEFORE you watch this video.

The rules for making money online in 2021 have caused these models to become outdated. At one time affiliate marketers were taught to send their prospects directly to their affiliate links to make sales and earn commissions. Conversion rates for these affiliate marketers were low, an average of 1%.

The training then told marketers to first send visitors to a landing page to get an email and then on to the offer. Conversions for these online marketers were no better, but, at least, they now had an email address. They then were tutored to hammer their list with a continuous stream of affiliate offers. This didn't help affiliates make money online either. Many of their subs unsubscribed.

The best way to make money online with affiliate marketing in 2021 is to build a brand, gain trust and authority and then promote affiliate offers effortlessly.