It’s Always Easier When You Set Goals…

written byHenry Biegacz
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Can you actually imagine getting into a car without a gas, with no road map and no idea where you want to go?

Ridiculous, right?


So many would-be online marketers jump into internet marketing with no idea how to go about it, no long term (or short term) plan and no specific goals.

What are their chances for success?

Pretty bad.

With no goals, the marketer will be tempted to jump from one shiny object to another in order to find that “golden grail” method to riches.

After giving each method a short try and finding that it didn’t work as planned, our prospective marketer will be on to the next method-always chasing, but never finding, the desired success.

This was me not too long ago. And, it may be you right now.

The good news is that there’s a simple solution available. And, it’s guaranteed to work.

Set Goals

Goal setting is really the key; it’s the roadmap you must have to guide you to success.

Having specific, definitive goals will cause you to focus on the steps you must take and will help you eliminate all those distractions and time wasting activities that keep you from progressing.

So, how do you set goals and what steps should you take to make sure you reach them?


Did you know that your thoughts and visualizations can be your strongest impetus to action?

Visualize exactly what you want to accomplish in great detail. This will serve as your trip destination.

Do you want a bigger email list, more recruits or more immediate income?

You want to spend some time thinking about this-it’s that important.

Your goal must be specific; be very clear and define precisely what you want to achieve.

Your goal must be measurable. State your goal in specific numbers and you’ll be able to quickly monitor how well you’re doing.

Your goal must be achievable. If you’re a brand new marketer, a goal of $100,000 per month is not realistic or achievable. Setting unachievable goals will only lead to frustration.

Your goal should be achievable, but it should still be something that will require your determination to accomplish. It should be something that’s currently a little ways beyond your reach.

Think of the carrot on the stick just beyond the reach of the horse.

Your goal must be relevant to your business. What does your business need most?

Your goal must be time based. You need to have a specific date by which you will have achieved your goal.

A goal without a time limit is just an “idea”. The business world is littered with wonderful “ideas” that went nowhere for lack of action.

Keep Your “Why” In Mind

We need to have a reason for everything we do in life.

The more difficult our task, the stronger our reason must be.

Achieving success in business is very possible for anyone, but it’s not easy. It takes determination and plain work. You need a strong reason to take on the responsibility.

Whatever your “why” is—to fire your boss, make a lot of money or create a better life for your family, it must be vitally important to you.

Spell it out and keep it in front of you at all times. It really makes a huge difference.

Track Your Results

If you don’t track your results you will fail! It’s that simple.

You must know where you stand on your journey to achieve your goals.

Tracking your results will let you know whether or not your plan is heading in the right direction. It will let you know exactly what to do next to succeed.

Expect To Make Adjustments

If you’re driving in your car on a straight road, would you ever just let go of the wheel and expect the car to stay on the road? Of course not.

You would always be making slight adjustments to stay on track.

It’s the same in business. Success is never achieved in a straight, unimpeded line.

Don’t expect your business plan to always work just the way you planned it. Things that are beyond your control will always happen.

The key is to expect them, to not get frustrated, and to make whatever adjustments are necessary to stay on course.

Stay focused on your “why” and keep your eye on your goal; where you want the journey to take you.

To summarize—a goal is an achievement that you reach by following a clearly defined step-by-step plan.

You need the plan in order to remain focused on the big prize at the end of the journey.

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