How To Target Facebook Audiences… 3 Simple, Yet Powerful Strategies

written byHenry Biegacz
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Lesson number one for all marketers is: “Make sure your ads are being shown to the right audience”

If your message and your market don’t match, your campaigns will stand very little chance of success.

Facebook offers a ton of targeting options to allow you to be certain you’re speaking to the right people.

Properly applying the Facebook targeting strategies will get your message in front of the most targeted audience for your offer.

Here are a few simple, yet very powerful, strategies that can be applied to any campaign, and make your numbers skyrocket.

You Must Use Layered Targeting

As explained in my report: 10 Step Facebook Ad Targeting Checklist, Facebook offers numerous targeting of interests and behaviors.

Your first step must always be to know your best customer. Where do they live, what do they like, their gender and age. Even their online purchasing behavior.

Once you have this information, you can then combine your audience’s behaviors, through layering, to target your absolute best potential prospects.

When using layering, the potential audience will become smaller and smaller as you add more layers. This is fine because this is the exact audience we want to test our offers.

Your audience might even be as little as 1,000 people. That’s ok; these are the people you want most.

Create A Custom Audience From Your Leads

Once you have obtained your leads Facebook will allow you to combine into a Custom Audience. Since you know all about them and they’ve shown interest in your offer, you now have the ability to communicate with them in an extremely effective manner and show them only those offers that you know they’ll be eager to see and respond to.

This becomes very powerful for building loyalty and authority with your audience.

Now, check out the next strategy below. It’s one that will explode your campaign results.

Build Lookalike Audiences

How would you like to advertise directly to people who have the same attributes as your carefully nurtured custom audience? How about if that size was one million people?

Well, now you can through the use of Facebook Lookalike Audiences.

When you ask Facebook to create a lookalike audience for you, Facebook will search through its entire data base to find people who exhibit the same behaviors and attributes as your custom audience.

Your custom audience can grow from 1,000 people to 1,000,000 people with the click of a few buttons of your computer.

You can now communicate with a huge audience made up entirely of people who are your best prospects.

You can do this at no cost and you can do it over and over for as many different audiences as you desire.

Use your imagination to think what your campaign results would look like after applying these three powerful strategies.

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10 Step Facebook Ad Targeting Checklist.