How To Start Affiliate Marketing On YouTube Even When You're Flat Broke

written byHenry Biegacz
posted on

Learn how to start an affiliate marketing business on YouTube...even if you're flat broke. You don't need to spend a single cent to start a successful affiliate marketing business on YouTube.

YouTube is 100% FREE to use; you can upload hundreds of videos and never pay anything to YouTube. You don't need any special equipment either. You can use your phone to produce your videos and upload them directly to YouTube.

What types of videos should aspiring affiliate marketers produce?

There are two types of videos that are easy to produce and have significant viewership.

1. Product review videos Review products in your niche and place your affiliate links in the video description. Explain what the product does and how to use it effectively. It's preferable to actually show it in use.

2. "How to" videos Create videos showing how to do every day tasks. What do you know how tto do and do it regularly? Those things can all be turned into successful videos that can produce sizeable affiliate commissions.

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