How To Start Affiliate Marketing and Crush It

written byHenry Biegacz
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In this video you will learn how to start an affiliate marketing business and crush it. Affiliate marketing is an excellent place to start your online journey because the barriers to entry are few.

You don't need to create products, keep inventory, rent an office or hire employees. Your main job as an affiliate marketer is to create sales of the product you're promoting.

Here are the steps to create a successful affiliate marketing business in 2021

Step 1:Identify an audience Is the audience hungry Are there problems you can solve Is there a variety of products to offer Is your audience made up of buyers

Step 2: Identify products for your audience Affiliate platforms: Clickbank, JV Zoo, Commission Junction, Amazon Exclusive affiliate programs. Digital products and services are best to promote Highest commission percentage (low product creation cost) Many programs have recurring commissions--sell once and get paid many times Delivery is immediate Promote related products on the back end of your first product Make sure your niche has numerous products that your audience can use Build a “value ladder” of products

Step 3: Content strategy Always think value first What are your audience’s biggest challenges? What keeps them from being successful? What can you do to provide them the most help?

Step 4: Build your brand Build your brand, trust and authority by providing value, not fluff If you are constantly a source of help, your selling will become effortless. Your recommendations will always be followed without question

Step 5: Always be building your audience Email- your biggest asset; you control it Use social media platforms to your advantage Your income will scale with your audience size