How To Get Started…What To Do First

written byHenry Biegacz
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As internet marketers we’re all faced with numerous offers for training to help us succeed in our business.

We get offers for ebooks, webinars, online courses, coaching and on and on. It leads to mass confusion.

So, how do we sort it all out and get our business off the ground and headed for success.

Well, it’s really much simpler than you might expect.

Here are a few simple and easy to implement steps which anyone can follow. Follow them religiously and your success will take care of itself.

Take Action

This may seem really obvious, but it’s, without question, the most important thing you can do for your business.

When I got started and knew nothing about internet marketing, I thought that since “knowledge was power”, I had to buy tons of “stuff” just to learn the business first.

That was a big mistake.

I’ll tell you why:

Knowledge without action is basically worthless. Too many marketers only consume information, but never use it to improve (or even start) their business.

I heard a very successful marketer say that your action should be double your knowledge. What he meant to say was that for every hour you spend acquiring knowledge, you should spend two hours taking action to apply that knowledge.

In addition, you must know that your action doesn’t have to be perfect. Good enough is good enough. Your work doesn’t have to be perfect to get results. Besides, you can improve your product as you go along and gain more experience.

Remember, Imperfect action always beats perfect inaction. So, your first step is to COMMIT to always take action on what you learn.

Get Clear On Your Vision

What’s your long term vision? Where do you want to be and what’s your timeframe to get there?

The reason it’s so important to have a clear vision is because without one, you won’t be able to overcome the inevitable bumps in the road that you will experience.

Getting to success doesn’t happen in a straight line. You will experience plenty of highs, but you’ll also run into plenty of lows, too.

Some of the lows can have a real devastating effect and may even make you want to quit. If your vision is clear, you’ll overcome the problems we all experience in business.

It’s also important that your vision has a timeline. Without one it becomes too easy to procrastinate and find excuses. With your vision clear and your timeline set, you know you’ll have to keep chugging along.

The timeline will continually motivate you to keep going.

Figure Out Your Funnel

How are you going to market your offers? Where will you send your traffic? How will you get people to want to see your products?

The key here is not to overcomplicate this process.

Too many marketers believe that a funnel has to be some complex process with upsells and downsells and all sorts of bells and whistles. Not so.

Your funnel can be simple, yet very effective. You just need a lead magnet and an autoresponder to start. Leave the complicated stuff for later (or never).

Your lead magnet should be something that provides value and is easily consumable. It can be an ebook, report, videos or a piece of software. Offer it in exchange for a sign up to your email list.

Once you start building your email list, build trust with your audience and then monetize it by sending them offers.

This is really, really simple, but it’s effective.

Focus On Traffic

The subject of traffic is voluminous could take up one hundred blog posts.

To start, just pick one traffic method and focus only on that.

If you have no budget to buy traffic, then the best way to go is with videos and blogging. Neither has to cost you anything.

Get away from all other “knowledge” distractions about cool, new ways to generate traffic and focus on the method you picked.

Here’s a key point:

Concentrate on providing great value in your content. Do not concentrate on results (don’t even expect them at this point). The reason is if your content is good and provides your visitors with the value they want, your results will take care of themselves.


All these steps are simple common sense. There’s no magic or angel dust involved—besides they don’t work anyway—I know. But, you must implement them. Remember, your “actions” must be double your “knowledge”.

Start implementing today and watch your business grow, just like you want.