How To Create An Online Course That Sells

written byHenry Biegacz
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In this video you'll learn how to create an online course that sells. Initially, creating an online course may seem like a difficult task. While it does take work to create, it doesn't have to be exceedingly difficult , if you can follow the steps outlined in this video tutorial.

Step1: Course ideas Your potential customers are looking for a certain result. Can you get them the result, through your course, that they desire? You should know how to format your course material to teach it in the best way possible to get the desired result. You do not have to be an expert, just know more than your potential customer.

Step 2: Prepare your course outline First, list everything you want to include in your course. The order isn’t important at this point; this is just a brain dump Now put your course topics in order going from beginner to advanced. Your modules will be your broad topics and your lessons which are very specific, will be in your modules. For example your module will be Free Traffic Sources Your lessons will be: Facebook Blogging YouTube

Step 3: Pre-sell your course Test the demand first before you prepare your course (very important). Pre-sell it without making it first. Create a wait list and offer a big discount to join the wait list. Email to your subscribers regularly Post on all your social media platforms

Step 4: Create Your Course Create your individual slides Film your course over the slides Edit it all together Put yourself in the course to build a personal connection

Step 5: Upload your course to a course hosting platform Kajabi Teachable Thinkific

Step 6: Launch your course Contact your wait list and all your email subscribers regularly Offer a fast action discount Offer bonuses Add scarcity, limited time price. Create YouTube videos around your course by offering snippets from the course Continue sending traffic to your lead magnets Use your webinar as an evergreen marketing tool

Step 7: Get testimonials Reach out to students who have taken the course Ask them to share their results Get video testimonials, if possible

Step 8: Never stop marketing Course sales rose exponentially in 2020 due to the pandemic and they will continue to do so into the foreseeable future People realize their jobs aren’t secure and are looking to acquire new marketable skills.

Step 9: Keep improving your course Add additional modules and lessons if things change Add updates if there are new developments