How To Avoid Being Overwhelmed (aka Information Overload)

written byHenry Biegacz
posted on

It’s really very simple to find information online to learn all about internet marketing. As a matter of fact, there’s far too much information available.

I just searched the term “ internet marketing” on Google and got almost 79 million results. The term “internet marketing training” yielded over 10 million results.

You can find training programs, webinars, seminars, videos, ebooks and advice; a gigantic multitude of it. If you sign up to any email lists, your inbox is likely to be bombarded with offers for the latest programs to make you wealthy.

The inclination will be to get as much information as possible so you can learn about all facets of the business.

The problem is that you’ve now become the victim of information overload and have become “the jack of all trades, but the master of none”.

Overload of information makes it extremely tough to master anything. When you’re overloaded with information, you’ll seek out distractions (busy work) which won’t get you any closer to your goals.

The key to your success lies in mastering your business fundamentals. Decide, specifically, what fundamentals you need to master; fundamentals which will yield the results and goals you desire.

When you absorb large amounts of disassociated information, your learning is not intentional. It’s only random. This leads to overwhelm and paralysis because it’s not focused on your goals.

It’s imperative that to succeed you must become more focused and study only those things you need to know, until you’ve mastered them and implemented them in your business and seen increased results.

Once you’ve accomplished this, you’re ready to learn the next skill.

Mastering new skills in today’s business environment is a must. Particularly in internet marketing where new methods and strategies sprout up every day.

So, how do you overcome information? How do you stay focused and avoid distractions?

Start With Only A Few Things

There’s a saying which goes like this: “What’s the best way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time”.

You will not learn everything about internet marketing in a day or by taking one course. You can’t do everything at once.

Instead, determine what’s most important and congruent with your goals and master that skill, to the exclusion of all others. This guarantees that you won’t be distracted. With each small success you’ll gain the confidence to keep going until you reach your ultimate goals.

Your successes will build upon each other and you’ll achieve a greater sense of accomplishment.

Teach It To Others

Teaching one of your new skills to others is perhaps the best way to learn it and perfect it for yourself.

If you can explain and demonstrate it well enough for someone else to successfully implement it properly, you’ll also be assured that you can do it for yourself.


This is the most important step. Too many people “work” on projects or on learning new skills, but never implement what they learned.

Far too many people only consume information, but, unfortunately, never put it to use. It’s a horrible waste of time, money and effort.

Implementation of a new strategy or method you’ve mastered is your ultimate goal because it’s this step which will get you to your desired results. It’s the payoff of all the work you’ve already put in.

And, when you implement a strategy and it brings you success, there’s no bigger feeling of accomplishment.