Get All The Free Traffic You Want

written byHenry Biegacz
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You can get all the free traffic you want from one single website. The website is! currently receives over 550 million visitors per month; so you see there's plenty of free traffic available and you want to make sure you get your share. is a site where people submit questions for which they are seeking an answer. Anyone can submit their answer and, hopefully, it can be viewed thousands of times.

You must submit quality answers to these questions. Poorly written or incomplete answers won't get much attention from readers.

One of the best ways to find these "good' answers is to simply type the question into the Google search bar and scroll through the answers. You can pick parts from several answers and form them into your own answer. It's best not to copy them word for word, but to use a spin writing tool like to rewrite them.

In your answer you can refer readers to your landing page. Never use a raw affiliate link on Quora because you run the risk of banishment. Instead create a unique landing page on your domain and direct your readers there. On your landing page you can feel free to send visitors to your affiliate offer. By doing it this way you willnever have a problem with Quora.

You now have the potential to have your offers seen by thousands of prospects.