Fastest Way To Make 100 Day | Clickbank Tutorial

written byHenry Biegacz
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In this video I will show the fastest way to start earning $100 per day on Clickbank, even if you've never made a cent online before.

Clckbank is an affiliate marketing platform where affiliates can choose from thousands of products to promote to their audiences. It has a very easy sign up process and approval is almost automatic, which makes it a great platform for new marketers.

Look for a niche which has numerous products at various price points so that you will have a variety of products to promote to your prospects. You NEVER want to have only one product to promote because if you lose that product, you lose all your business.

Check to make certain that the vendor has an affiliate resources page available. The affiliate resources pages will contain assets such as banners, articles, email swipes, ads and graphics. All of these assets are available for you to use in your promotions, and, because the vendor created them, you won't have to.

Check the gravity in the products offered as well. Gravity is a metric which tells the number of affiliates who have actually made sales of the product. If the products in the niche have good gravity scores, that's a sign that there's an active market for those products and that the niche is a good one to promote.

A final check should be made on YouTube to see if there are videos in the niche and also, how many of those videos re old and how many are new. If the newest video is three years old, for example, that niche is not active and should be avoided.

Next is traffic for he offer. There is no shortage of traffic available. The best source of fast, free traffic today is TikTok. It's very easy to sign up and start producing videos. Since the videos are very short and can be easily done on a phone, it doesn't require any technical skill to become a creator on TikTok.

TikTok videos have the ability to go viral instantly. There are marketers in this niche with hundreds o thousands of followers. A link should be placed in the creator's bio and a call to action should be used in every video telling viewers to click on that link. That link can go to a landing page to collect an email, which is recommended, or to any page of the creator's choosing.

This is the fastest way to get to $100 per day on Clickbank.