Content Writers-It’s All About the Content

written byHenry Biegacz
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Content writers take heed: “Content is king” is how the saying goes.

I’m sure you’ve heard it as many times as I have.

The reason is because it’s true. If you want to develop a following online and a brand (both required for success) you need to attract your following with content.

Content can take numerous forms. It can be blog posts, videos, social media posts or podcasts. You can even provide content that’s a combination of all the above-it’s your choice.

It all depends on where your comfort level lies.

What is content?

If your intention is to provide content, you need to know where to start.

The simple definition of content is: Anything that will provide value to your audience.

The first step, then, is to know your audience. This doesn’t mean cursory knowledge of your audience.

It means that you must be deeply familiar with them.

• What are their pain points?

• What are their biggest challenges?

• What keeps them from reaching their goals?

• What are those goals they desperately want to reach?

• What keeps them awake at night?

Once you have a clear understanding of your audience, you’re ready to address their concerns and begin providing content to them.

Here’s where many marketers stumble:

What can I teach my audience that they don’t already know? Or, I don’t have a ton of knowledge myself; how can I teach others? They’ll see right through me.

The answer is that you have to value everything you’ve already learned-even if you believe it’s only a “little” thing.

If you found value in it, the chances are excellent your audience will as well. Even the most seemingly insignificant strategy can be turned into a 2-3 minute video and a blog post.

One common fear is that the material will not be new or unique to your audience. This is a misconception because they will have never heard it from you.

Everyone, including you, has a unique voice and a unique delivery. We tend to discount this about ourselves and it’s a mistake.

Nobody else has ever taught what’s coming directly from you. Just believe in yourself that you have value to impart to others.

There’s an additional huge by-product here for you, the content provider, as well.

Your own understanding of the content increases tenfold when you explain it to others. You gain a greater understanding.

The other major by-product of providing valuable content is that you build your “brand” as an authority figure.

This is highly significant because as an authority you are not identified with any particular product only. You are essentially marketing yourself. Your product is you.

Therefore, it makes absolutely no difference what product you’re promoting at any given time. You are not tied to it.

As an authority, you can promote a multitude of different products and services.

So, how does someone go about creating valuable content, especially someone who’s brand new and has no personal history in the business?

Here’s a simple three step formula:

Step 1: Learn something.

This can be a strategy that you just discovered or it can be instructions on how to use some software or a marketing tool. It can be anything that you find of value. Your audience will find it valuable, too.

Carefully explain the strategy step-by-step or demonstrate exactly how to use the software or tool to get the best results.

This can be done in a video and a blog post as well. Then post your video on social media for maximum exposure.

If you don’t want to appear on camera, do a power point presentation with a voice over.

Step 2. Implement

To give your content a high level of validity and believability, you must have implemented it yourself. Keep track of your results and share them with your audience. Your believability will increase exponentially because “seeing is believing”.

Your audience’s faith in you will skyrocket because you’re being “real”. If you can gain your audience’s trust, your success is virtually guaranteed.

You are also showing the audience that you’re vulnerable because you are willing to share your results.

If you’ve failed a few times with this strategy, let them know that. It makes you more real because chances are good that they’ve also failed a few times themselves.

Step3. Teach

Show in clear, easy to follow step-by-step fashion how you got your results. Be very clear and leave nothing out. There’s nothing that will disappoint your audience more than incomplete information.

Don’t be afraid to show your audience your very best strategies and golden nuggets.

Too many marketers are worried about “letting the cat out of the bag” by revealing their best secrets.

Your audience will know when you’re giving them your best stuff and they’ll appreciate you much more for sharing it.

Extra step (and most important)

Be consistent

You cannot provide content on an irregular, sporadic basis and hope to crate success.

Consistent content creation will develop loyalty with your audience and get you noticed by others.

It will build your brand faster and may even cause your content to be shared more and possibly go viral.

It’s not an easy task to be consistent, but the results are well worth the effort.

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