An Effective Landing Page Strategy

written byHenry Biegacz
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The first part of a sales funnel is usually the landing page (also called the opt in or squeeze page).

It has to be done effectively because it’s the first thing your prospect sees. Remember, first impressions are vitally important.

It has to be done right because its only goal is to get the visitor to give up his email address.

Due to the ever increasing amount of competition and the massive advertising, it’s becoming more and more difficult to get people to happily give up their email address.

The first rule of an effective landing page is relevance.

The message you deliver in the headline of your landing page must be a match to your market. Otherwise, your advertising budget will be totally wasted.

You must know your market. What are their biggest challenges and problems? What keeps them awake at night? What are they looking for from you?

Your message must directly address those concerns. Your free giveaway—your “ethical bribe” must also be congruent to the message on your landing page.

In addition, both your giveaway and landing page headline must be congruent to your offer.

Your offer should be the logical conclusion from your headline and copy of the landing page and your lead magnet.

Here’s the Big Tip of the Day

How to come up with the most effective landing page copy that will get you the desired response from your audience?

Go to This site contains thousands of offers from most of the CPA networks. You can find just about any offer on

In the search bar at the top of the page, type in your offer. If, for example, you wanted to find a beauty product for women over 40, you could enter “skin cream”.

Offervault would show you all the skin cream offerings with information about payouts and which networks had that particular offer.

It would also allow you to click on any offer to see all its details, including its landing pages.

All of these networks have done extensive and expensive testing for all their offers before they bring them to market.

You can be certain they’ve tested all their landing pages and are only using those that yielded the very best results.

The strategy is to view landing pages of offers similar to yours and take the best ideas and model them on your landing pages.

You’ve now gotten the best performing pages for your niche without any of the work or expense!

Your landing pages will now be directly on target for your audience.

While the information I’ve delivered to you has been valuable, it’s only a small part of the entire process.

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