Affiliate Marketing Academy Review-Is It Worth It?

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I am writing this review for Affiliate Marketing Academy because I have been a member and student for several years and have benefited from it to the extent that it showed me how to build a profitable affiliate marketing business.


The Affiliate Marketing Academy was created by, and is a part of, the Four Percent Group. The Four Percent Group is a complete training center for aspiring affiliate marketers.

The course content was designed to be a one stop shop for affiliate marketing training so that student would have no need to go elsewhere for training.

However, the material would also be beneficial for anyone looking to learn how to effectively market products to the public.

The course content includes the following, which will be explored in detail later in this article:

  1. Affiliate Marketing Academy which also includes the Success Challenge

  2. Seven Steps To Freedom Mastery

3. Mass Traffic Blueprint

4. List Building Mastery

5. Communication and Copywriting Mastery

6. Conversion Mastery

7. Tribe Building Mastery

8. Affiliate Marketing Academy Private Masterclass

9. Estage University

10. Wealth Autopilot Academy

11. Internet Traffic Mastery

12. Mindset of a Champion

13. Business Launch Blueprint

14. SEO Mastery

15. Insta Traffic Mastery

16. Facebook PPC Profits

17. Facebook Fan Page Domination

18. Ecom Entrepreneur

19. Irresistible Influence and Persuasion

20. Irresistible Offer Blueprint

21. Beyond Results

22. Instagram Secrets

23. Ecom Secrets

It also has, as of this writing, two other integral components:

24. Estage

25. Chicky Boom Network

Additionally, there is also ongoing, continuous training which is all recorded and can always be accessed by students.

If you’re an affiliate marketer and would like to promote the Four Percent product menu, you can join the VIP Promo Partner program and earn commissions on all the Four Percent products.

In addition, there’s a section on the website entitled “Multiple Streams of Income”. These are all products that online marketers would need to run their businesses. If any of your referrals into Four Percent buys any of these products by virtue of the training in Four Percent, the commission for these third party products would come to you.

This is the ultimate of passive income. The four Percent training made the sale for you without any effort on your part.

Who can benefit from Affiliated Marketing Academy?

The focus of Affiliate Marketing Academy is to teach folks how to create a scalable and sustainable business as an affiliate marketer selling other peoples’ products.

However, it has so many valuable marketing tips and strategies that it would be vital to anyone doing any selling, particularly, online.

This would include people selling their own products, coaching and consulting services, ecommerce and, even, professional practices.

The principles detailed in this training benefit anyone selling anything to someone else. In other words, it’s worthwhile for anyone in business.

Who is Vick Strizheus?

Vick Strizheus is the creator of the Four Percent Group and the trainer in most of the courses on the platform.

As an affiliate marketer he has personally earned tens of millions in commissions before ever creating a product to train others. He was running his own business earning in excess of $11,000 per day in commissions before he decided to create his own training and courses to t\each others how to successfully do what he was doing himself.

There can be no better teacher than someone who has successfully done it and continues to do it still.

The Four Percent group, as of this writing, has 350,000 members with a goal of one million members by the end f 2022.

Many of the current members have created successful affiliate marketing businesses using the methods and strategies taught by Vick in his step-by-step, over the shoulder training. This includes one student whose earnings have exceeded two million dollars ($2,000,000)!

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The affiliate marketing and online marketing business has a very high failure rate. It’s estimated that 96% of those who go into affiliate marketing make no money at all, even though the affiliate marketing business model is simple and easy to understand and set up.

The answer lies in the training that’s currently available. It’s no secret that many of the strategies being promoted in courses don’t work and never have. In addition, many others are teaching methods that worked ten years ago, but are no longer effective. Finally, some programs are being taught by “gurus” who were never successful themselves.

The Four Percent Group contains a complete menu of trainings which teach methods that are currently working and are being profitably used by Vick himself and his students.

There are also several weekly live trainings explaining any course updates, the newest strategies, tips and ideas that have proven to be profitable.

What’s in the program?

Affiliate Marketing Academy

The Affiliate Marketing Academy is where the training starts and it’s made up of three parts:

The Success Challenge

Affiliate Marketing Academy

Affiliate Marketing Academy Private Masterclass

The Success Challenge is the first part of the training. It is a fifteen part program with the stated goal of guiding the student to be able to earn a minimum of $5,000 per month in affiliate commission within thirty days of completing the program.

It begins by discussing the mindset necessary to be a successful affiliate marketer.

How to reprogram your mind for success. How to deal with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. How to overcome limiting beliefs that have been impeding your success. The importance of goal setting. And much more.

The program then goes into the theory behind a successful affiliate marketing business done the right way in 2022.

It discusses affiliate marketing models that were popular in prior years , but are no longer effective and why they don’t work anymore.

The new way to do profitable affiliate marketing revolves around building your home (your hub) on the internet.

Your hub is your personally branded business website that will house your blog, your memberships, community, collaborations, recommended resources, product funnels, and, even, an ecommerce platform.

It is the place where you will invite your visitors, prospects and all your traffic to come and where you will continually provide valuable content to them.

Too many affiliates are simply chasing transactions by trying to get folks to buy their promotions without first delivering any value to them, nor building any trust or authority.

Through the creation of your hub, where valuable content is constantly provided, the marketer can build trust, authority and a recognizable brand. This, in turn, creates the ability to make selling effortless or “selling without selling” just by making product recommendations.

The training in the program for hub building and what items to include on your hub is very detailed so even the newest marketer will be confident in his ability to create a beautiful and valuable hub.

I believe the most valuable portion of the program is the step-by-step, over the shoulder training. It makes it impossible to make mistakes. Vick even invites students to copy all his steps as he does them.

His goal is to demonstrate and build an affiliate marketing business from scratch to the point where it will earn $1 million in affiliate commissions within the first twelve months of it existence.

And, you can watch and imitate each step as he does it. This is from a man who has done this successfully and continuously for years.

Click here to: Check out the free Affiliate Marketing Academy webinar

There is no other training available anywhere that offers a program like this where one can learn affiliate marketing theory and see its application in front of his eyes.

Once the Success Challenge is completed the second part of Affiliate Marketing Academy deals with advanced marketing tactics designed to teach students how to grow their businesses to $100,000 per month and beyond in affiliate commissions.

Just as in the initial Success Challenge, the student will learn theory and will be shown its application in the same step-by-step, over the shoulder training that will virtually eliminate mistakes if the training is faithfully applied.

The third section of Affiliate Marketing Academy is the Affiliate Marketing Academy Private Masterclass. The masterclass is a live weekly class which will discuss updates and program improvements, will answer questions and will do reviews of students’ hubs. The masterclass is hosted by Vick himself and may include guests as well.

I don’t believe another course exists with a stated goal to take its students by the hand and guide them to earning $100,000 per month in affiliate commissions.

It simply doesn’t exist.

Seven Steps To Freedom

This training is a guide to creating total freedom in busines and in life. It is made up of seven steps, which are:

  1. Develop a clear target of what it is that you want. You must have a destination in mind before you attempt to reach it. Your target should be definitive for both your business and your personal life.

2. Have a money plan. Create your financial freedom plan by determining how much money you will need to lead your dream lifestyle. In addition, you’ll be shown a unique method to manage your money to easily pay for your lifestyle and prepare for a comfortable retirement.

3. Game plan. You will learn how to set up a game plan to systematically achieve your goals.

4. Goals. The importance of creating goals, writing them down and reviewing them daily makes it so much easier to reach them. You’ll be shown how to determine and set up your goals.

5. Your hub. The student will learn why building your hub is so crucial to your success in 2022 and beyond. You’ll see what your hub can do for you in terms of creating trust, authority and a brand.

6. Your tribe of 1,000 members. When you build a tribe of 1,000 loyal members who follow and trust you, you’re virtually guaranteed an income of at least $100,000 yearly. Your initial goal should be 1,000 members, but, obviously, more is better and will yield an even greater income.

7. Scaling and becoming the best at what we do. Once you have all the basics in place, don’t stop. Simply multiply your efforts and multiply your success. You do this by becoming the best at what you do. Constantly be honing your skills and sharing them with your community.

Seven Steps To Freedom Mastery

This is a private group coaching with Vick on implementing and mastering the Seven Steps to Freedom Plan. This mentoring will include implementation strategies and answering students’ questions.

Mass Traffic Blueprint

This course will explain Vick’s ultra successful framework for generating endless traffic, leads and sales.

The program details the three levels of traffic that can generate massive numbers of prospects to your promotions. They are:

  1. Fast traffic

  2. Strategic scale traffic

  3. Domination mode traffic

After generating the traffic, the student is shown how to effectively deploy methods to systematically convert the traffic to raving fans and buyers.

The Mass Traffic Blueprint contains five modules and originally sold for $1,497.

Internet Traffic Mastery

This training is comparable to Mass Traffic Blueprint on steroids. It is the bible of internet traffic generation methods.

Any marketer in any niche and any business or profession who needs traffic will benefit from Internet Traffic Mastery.

It covers all methods of traffic generation and additionally, methods to track your traffic’s effectiveness and how to optimize it for maximum profit for the least cost.

Topics covered include:

Social media influencers

Fast twenty-four hour traffic methods

Social media hacks-get the most out of your social media activities

Display traffic media

Google ads for beginner and advanced marketers

CPA overview

Syndicate traffic media-advanced training

The automated traffic machine

Retargeting traffic media

Internet Traffic Mastery contains twelve detailed modules and originally sold for $5,000 as a stand alone product.

List Building Mastery

How do you turn cold prospects into hot subscribers and build a huge email list?

Topics covered in the program:

Quality vs Quantity

Tools required-including page builders, autoresponders, and tracking

Working with Estage to build funnels

Email list power tips

Communication and Copywriting Mastery

How do you become magnetic and irresistible to your perfect customers? How do you build your magnetic characer?

Topics covered:

The loyalty formula

3CRC method

Communication power tips

Conversion Mastery

How do you turn your prospects into your customers?

Learn how to quickly and easily turn your leads into sales and long term customers like pro.

Topics include:

Power positioning

Systematic thinking with case studies

Magnetic presentation blueprint

Tribe Building Mastery

How do you create a movement and culture around your passion, product or idea?

Topics covered:

1,000 true fans

Tribal power

30,000 foot view

Tribe DNA

Building your private island

Mindset of a Champion

How to develop a championship mindset to guarantee success.

Topics include:

Creating Legacy. Ho to get unlimited traffic to any website, product or offer

You’re Enough. Unleash the hidden power in you and create the future you desire

Unstoppable Momentum. Effortless selling strategies for getting your prospects to say “yes” quickly.

The Five Laws. How to be more physically fit, have more joy and happiness in business and life, have incredibly strong relationships, make a living doing what you’re most passionate about and create an amazing lifestyle that you’ve always wanted.

Business Launch Blueprint

What are the necessary steps to take before you launch your business or product so that you won’t have to deal with mistakes and issues later?

SEO Mastery

Advanced secrets to do search engine optimization like a pro and rank quickly in the search engines.

Topics included:

Introduction to SEO tools, software and the Google algorithm

How to do proper market research

Correct website creation-these are “must do’s”

On page optimization

Off page optimization

Client acquisition introduction

Affiliate marketing SEO

Secrets to ranking on Amazon

Video marketing SEO strategies

Insta traffic Mastery

How to start, grow and monetize your Instagram account like an influencer.

Topics covered;

Set up and getting started

Instagram layout

Free growth strategies

Pay to play strategies


Instagram success promotions

Instagram ads



Advanced strategies and hacks

Facebook PPC Secrets

Create powerful Facebook video ads that pull lots of traffic and conversions for your offers.

This training is presented by an entrepreneur who has sold millions of dollars worth of products solely using Facebook ads. This master reveals his best methods and hacks so you can do the same.

Facebook Fan Page Domination

An internet marketing legend shares his strategies to create domination by properly using your Facebook fan page.

He has built a Facebook audience in excess of fifteen million fans over multiple fan pages that has earned him millions in product sales.

Ecom Entrepreneur

How to build your own highly successful ecommerce business and brand.

Topics covered:

Finding the right product and manufacturer

Creating your company

Content creation-images, videos and written content

Creating your store

Setting up store from scratch

Social media

Store launch

Going big

Your big exit

Irresistible Influence and Persuasion

Become irresistible and highly influential in sales and business.

This training is for anyone who is doing any kind of selling. Being able to sell persuasively is one of the most important skills every entrepreneur must possess.

You’ll discover an actual blueprint to create your own influence in your writing, speaking and presentations.

Irresistible Offer Blueprint

Create offers that make people beg you to take their money.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown how to build irresistible offers for your promotions.

Beyond Results

Multiply your results with leverage and outsourcing.

You can get your life back by building your own dynamic team, leveraging yourself and delegating and outsourcing tasks to others so you can focus on only the most important functions and actually get more done by doing less.

Instagram Secrets

Revealed: Secrets to grow your Instagram account and optimize your audience engagement.

Instagram, which currently has in excess of one million users, is too large a platform to ignore in your business.

In this training one of Instagram’s biggest influencers will share his secrets and favorite hacks for channel growth, engagement and optimization.


Estage is a new website building technology created by the Four Percent Group It has been called “the coolest piece of technology in the whole world”.

To call it only a website builder would be a huge understatement of its capabilities.

While it is a website builder, it’s also a funnel and sales page builder, a blogging platform, a membership platform, an ecommerce platform, a home for a community of loyal subscribers and a personal brand building site where a marketer can create trust, authority and a recognizable brand.

It has far more capabilities than Click Funnels, Lead Pages or Instapage as a funnel builder. Wordpress, with its requirement for numerous plug ins to make it functional, goes not compare to Esatge as a website builder because Estage requires no plug ins.

It contains such advance technology as collapsible grids, background colors and effects, the ability to restrict and require passwords for selected content and share codes to import complete funnels with the push of a button.

But, for all its advanced technology, it’s ridiculously simple to operate. There are absolutely no tech skills required. Even a “non-techie” like myself can create any kind of page imaginable quickly and with great ease.

Additionally, Estage comes with Estage University which is a training platform which utilizes step-by-step videos to teach how to effectively use Estage.

There are also weekly live coaching calls which review and illustrate any system updates, answer questions and even review and critique members’ websites.

There is also a Success Center where members with questions can look up written posts and videos to find their answers.

Finally, there is 24/7 worldwide support available. As a member who has used this support for help, I can testify that it ranks second to none that are currently available. Help was literally minutes away and didn’t stop until my issue was completely resolved.

Eatge currently comes with a number of “done for you” templates that can be used to build a complete website. Templates can be downloaded with a click of a button through the use of share codes.

Additionally, Estage can house as many websites as a user would want; the number is unlimited. Each website can have their own custom domain name, as well. Each site can be worked on and updated independent of all the others.

Website hosting is also included with Estage, so, that’s another cost which can be saved.

Currenly Estage is available only to Four Percent members, but will be moved to its own business entity and will be available to the public at large.

Estage will be a game changer!

Chicky Boom Network

The Chicky Boom Network is made up of complete funnels that can be imported into Estage through the use of a page share code.

The funnels contain webinars, landing pages, sales page and complete websites “in a box” that are ready to go.

As of this writing, there are approximately ten funnels available,i with forty more funnels being created that will be added in the near future. The funnels currently available are yall for different products which members can choose to promote as affiliates of those companies.

Plans call for an ongoing unlimited number of funnels to be added as they are created. Some of these funnels will be free of charge and there will also be premium funnels as well. There will even be elaborate, complete “business in a box” funnels for various industries.

Members who wish to create funnels can do so and even list them for sale on the Chicky Boom Network.

This platform will be the largest network in the world on which to buy “done for you” importable funnels.

As of this writing, the Chicky Boom Network is also included in the Four Percent Group membership, however, plans are under way to move it to its own business entity in the near future.

Events and Replays

All ongoing live training sessions are recorded and posted on the Four Percent website for easy access. There they are available at all times for members to review or for those who couldn’t attend the live presentation.

No one is ever left on his own without the necessary resources to help him succeed.

VIP Promo Partners

If a member would like to promote any of the Four Percent products as an affiliate, that option is available through the VIP Promo Partners program.

A partner can promote and earn commissions on any of the Four Percent membership levels. Once a visitor enters the Four Percent website and registers as a free account, he is permanently coded to the affiliate who referred him and who will earn commissions on any product he purchases, even far into the future.

Becoming a VIP Promo Partner has the potential to become a very lucrative opportunity. Vick’s stated goal for 2022 is to pay out $10 million in affiliate commissions.


Four percent will vet opportunities to collaborate will well known, reputable organizations and create unique funnels for their members to import into Estage to promote their products.

The funnels will contain specially prepared webinars, landing pages, sales pages and follow up material.

as of this writing there are five complete funnels available, with many more currently under construction, and even more will be added in the future as they are completed.

All collaborations are independent of the Four Percent Group. All commissions will be paid by the companies being promoted. Four Percent is merely providing the marketing materials in the form of these funnels.

The collaboration funnels are also available as part of the Four Percent membership package.

Pros and Cons of the Four Percent Membership


  1. Never buy another course again. Everything you need to succeed is included.

  2. Estage is an incomparable asset to use for building your business. There’s nothing like it available anywhere at any price.

  3. Chicky Boom’s done for you complete funnels that can be plugged in to your business with only the click of a button, and you’re ready to start promoting.

  4. Live ongoing training and updates so you never feel like you’re own your own

  5. Superior 24/7 worldwide support.


There’s so much information and training that you could become overwhelmed by it all.

The key is to take it one step at a time and follow up with massive action by implementing the steps in the training as they are taught.

So, how much does all this cost?

The are five levels in the Four Percent group. They are:






Basic-The basic level membership is free. The basic level should just be viewed as an introduction into the Four Percent Group and all its assets where the member can “dip his toes into the water” and get a feel for the program.

Silver-In the silver level the member will have full access to the complete Mass Traffic Blueprint course, as well as other selected features of Four Percent.The silver level membership is a one time cost of $97.

Gold-The gold level membership is $1,997 lifetime. At this level the member gets all the assets available in the entire menu of products. This includes all the training programs, Estage, Chicky Boom Network, collaborations, funnels, event and replays and all ongoing training.

The gold level is all an affiliate or online marketer will ever need to enjoy long term success and profits in his business. There will never be a need to purchase any other course or training.

Platinum-The platinum level is by invitation only and is only offered to those members who are already earning at least $150,000 annually. The reasoning here is that this level is very advanced and those earning less than $150,000 would not benefit from it at this point

The cost of the platinum level is $8,000.

Diamond-The diamond level is the highest level of membership in the Four Percent Group. It includes hands on personal one on one mentoring by Vick with a focus on designing your own unique custom online business.

The diamond level is by invitation only and will cost between $50,000-$100,000


As a member and student of the Four Percent Group I can give it my highest recommendation.

Simply because it works!

I have followed the trainings closely, have implemented the steps and techniques as they were taught and earned commissions on Four Percent products and on the collaborations as well.

The potential earnings from this program make its cost seem paltry.The goal of the Success Challenge is $5,000 per month in income within thirty days and the goal of the Affiliated Marketing Academy is $100,000 per month. When measured against the potential income, the cost become a “no brainer”.

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