Affiliate Marketers Please Don't Do This

written byHenry Biegacz
posted on

In this video affiliate marketers will learn what not to do to be successful in online marketing.

The old method of sending customers directly to an affiliate link may have worked at one time, but not anymore. Studies have shown that it takes numerous interactions with a prospect before they make a buying decision. One visit just won't get the sale.

In addition, many advertising platforms now ban any form of direct linking.

Sending prospects to an affiliate marketer's bridge was better because now, at leaat, the customer could be pre sold begore they saw the offer. This was better, nut still not good enough.

The next step in the evolution of affiliate marketing was to use an opt in page to gain a prospect's email address. This gave the affiliate marketer the ability to communicate into the future wth the visitor and make sale later.

The problem here was that all the people who didn't opt in were lost forever as potential customers.

In 2022, and forward, the best way for affiliate marketers to promote is an opt in page that has a retargeting pixel on it. In this way no visitor is ever totally lost. Those people who chose not to opt in can still see the affiliate marketers offering on an ongoing basis.

It's best now to send visitors into a funnel that will lead them to the affiliate's hub, or website. This hub will serve as the affiliate's home on the internet. It will house his blog, his collaborations, his community, membership portals, YouTube videos and all other streams of income he chooses to promote.

A hub will allow the affiliate marketer to gain triust and authority with his community and enable him to build a long term business.