A Better Way To Use Forums In Your Marketing

written byHenry Biegacz
posted on

We have always been told, as internet marketers, that we can use forums in our marketing to attract traffic.

The strategy involves our going to forums which are relevant to our niche and commenting on the discussions that are going on in the forum. We were taught to make legitimate comments (not spammy) and to make sure to have our links in our signature tags. Hopefully, forum readers would then go visit our websites.

It makes sense and it really works. But, there’s a problem.

This work is tedious and very time consuming. To do it properly you’d have to post daily in numerous forums. It’s hard to keep doing this on a regular basis.

I learned this from bitter experience. If you’ve ever tried to do this yourself, I’m certain you know exactly what I mean.

But, there’s a better way.

It takes less time and is more effective.

Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you have produced an article or a YouTube video and you’d like to get it ranked and drive traffic to it.

Find a relevant forum and start a new thread (discussion). The title of your thread should be the same as your article or video title.

Obviously, your keyword should be prominent in your title. This will help you get ranked for your keyword because both Google and YouTube love forums and they’ll take note of your title.

For the discussion in your thread, paste your article or the description box from your video.

Make sure to review this text and remove any links because most forums prohibit links in their threads.

Now, just add your signature at the end of the thread. Make certain your forum signature contains a link to your website. You can add your website link in your forum profile and it will always appear when you post.

That’s all there is to it!

You’ve gotten a backlink to your article or YouTube video and have also published your website link. In addition, you’ve also positioned yourself as an authority.

You can use this strategy in as many forums as you choose and do it as often as you create content.

You’ve provided good content to the forum’s visitors and you’ve gotten your keywords and links publicized and earned a backlink.

This method is not used by many people. It’s effective and it beats randomly posting every day in numerous forums. Try it out for yourself and you’ll see the improvement.

Please let me know your thoughts below—whether you agree or not and please share the article.