9 Things Rich People Do and Poor People Don't

written byHenry Biegacz
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All rich people do certain things in a certain way and poor people never do these things or even think about doing them. There's an established pattern here.

So, if you desire to be rich too, make sure you implement and do all the things rich people do and poor people don't.

In this video I'll how you the best habit and behaviors of rich people which you should adopt if you'd like to become rich also.

They are:

Rich people surround themselves with success

Rich people are willing to sacrifice the present for the future.

Rich people set definitive financial goals

Rich people take responsibility for their results-good or bad

Rich people know how to use credit to their advantage

Rich people are willing to take risks

Rich people focus on opportunity, not obstacles

Rich believe they should be compensated or the value they provide

Rich people focus on net worth, not wages