Meet Henry Biegacz

My name is Henry Biegacz and I help ordinary folks build extremely profitable affiliate marketing businesses (even if they have no experience or list).

I came to affiliate marketing in a roundabout manner. I started my professional life as a CPA (certified public accountant).

I was taught as a child that you must get a good education in order to get a good secure job. Once you had that job, you were set for life.

Work at that job for forty years and then retire with a nice comfortable retirement package from your employer..

So, that's what I did.

I went to college, studied hard, graduated, went on to graduate school, got a masters degree and went to work for an accounting firm.

I worked hard and got promotions and raises.

But, I realized that even, in spite of my raises, I was being paid a lot less than the fees I was bringing in to the firm. That extra money was not going to me

but, to the owners of the firm. Basically,

I was making other people rich through the work I was doing.

The light bulb finally went on and I figured that entrepreneurship was the way to go.

Be in business for yourself, pay others a salary for the work they did and you keep the profits!

I became partners with a friend and we went into the financial services industry where we both had some experience.

The first few years were tough as we built the business from the ground up.

Gradually things improved and kept getting better until we had over 150 employees in four related

companies. Life was good!

But, then the economy went straight into the tank.

Businesses were closing, people ere losing their

jobs and the banking industry was in upheaval with bank closures nationwide.

Our business got wiped out along with so many others.

I needed to find something else to do. I looked around for quite awhile and searched out many possibilities.

I finally found affiliate marketing.

Here's why affiliate marketing was the perfect fit:

Very low barrier to entry. You can easily be in business for less than $100

No need to hire employees.

No need to rent office space. All you need is a table to work on and an internet connection.

No need to create products. There are so many affiliate programs, including those from

some of the world's best known companies, that you can be an affiliate in any market or niche you

can possibly imagine.

No customer service issues. Your only job is to find qualified prospects for your

promotions and send them to the offer.

As an affiliate you have no geographic limitations.

You can market to the entire world. Your customer can be around the corner or around the world and you can still promote to them.

So, I became an affiliate marketer. Only, one problem-I had zero tech skills. I could send emails but that was about it.

I bought some courses and watched a whole lot of videos and slowly figured it out.

It took a few years and a bunch of mistakes, but things started to come together for me.

Our goal now is to help others also achieve their goals, create a great lifestyle, all while avoiding the mistakes that so many others made.

This website will be where you can find all the things you'll need to succeed.

I've got blog posts loaded with informative tips and strategies, videos with plenty of training, tools and resources and my best product recommendations to help you along on your journey.

In addition, I am the author of six books currently listed on Amazon.

Check out my YouTube channels: Exceptional Marketer and The Motivation and Transformation Place

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“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill