Traffic and Conversion Summit 2017 Review


Have you ever heard of this before—“If you want to be successful, find someone who’s already successful and do what they do”?

This is terrific advice. Want to know why? Because it really works!

Think about it—you can stumble along through trial and error and you may still never figure it out. Or, you can just model what’s already working well for someone else and skip all the heartache.

But, there’s a problem. Some of these guys don’t do any private coaching. Some do private coaching, but their fees might break Fort Knox. Even though the coaching can be totally worth it, it may well be beyond the reach of the average marketer.

You can also buy the courses produced by these marketing titans. But, here again, most of these courses start at $997 and beyond. It can get very expensive very fast.

This is the frustration I was always facing. I was tired of chasing poor strategies, poor products,  and even poorer results. Many of these products made huge promises, but delivered nothing. It was total frustration. I imagine this same thing has happened to almost every prospective internet marketer at some time.

Well now there’s a solution that’ solves the problem.

The Traffic and Conversion Summit 2017 was just held in San Diego. This summit is the grandfather of all marketing conferences. A ticket goes for almost $2,000 and it sold out with 4,200 attendees (as it always does).


This year it presented 40 of the top minds and biggest players in our industry. I received an email from one of the attendees who said he made back the entire cost (summit ticket, airfare and hotel) from the very first workshop he attended.

The information that’s presented there is not the same old rehashed stuff that we see all the time.

Instead, these great minds discuss products, tips and strategies for the future. You hear about products, courses and theories that will be implemented in the future. It’s like having your own personal crystal ball.

You can learn proven tips, tricks and secrets based on thousands of tests and hundreds of millions in sales. There’s no guesswork involved to know exactly what’s working now and what will be the focus of the future.

Here’s the good news. You can pick up a copy of the notes from every single presentation at the summit. There are over 100 pages of detailed notes; each page contains priceless nuggets that you can implement in your business in advance of all the other marketers.


Much of this information will be released later in 2017 and you can get it right now.

There’s even a section where you can get four of their best performing campaigns, including targets and copy. What value can you place on that?

Here are the seven separate agendas that were presented:

Getting started

What’s working now

Future of sales

Behind the scenes

Agencies only

Head honcho

Digital retailer

And here are some of the topics covered:

YouTube ads framework—How to Find Your Customers, Know What They’re Thinking and Get Them To Buy

25 More Freakishly Effective Marketing Hacks To Steal and Deploy

How to Craft The Perfect, Attention Grabbing, ROI Producing Facebook Ad and many more lectures and additional surprise speakers.

So, instead of looking for one mentor at a time, I found 40 of them all at one time.

The Traffic and Conversion Summit 2017 notes are available right now immediately after the summit and the price is ridiculously cheap. If you’re a serious marketer or online entrepreneur this product is a “must” for you. It’s worth t least 25 times the price.

To learn more and access your copy of the Traffic and Conversion Summit 2017 notes CLICK HERE.




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